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  1. Sorry hun, could have sworn I saw that style their the other day. But I have to visit a few more hair places today, if I find it I'll let you know.
  2. Hey sweetie let me check where I bought my hair at, I'm sure I saw that hair style their. As soon as I log in for the day I'll head straight over and see. I don't want to send you on a wild goose chase.
  3. So I want to start a Modeling, Dancing and DJ agency. What I'm looking for is business partners in those three sections to help me run the business. We would teach, help build up, and be the rock for the people that come threw our doors. Once I find the people I'm looking for we will post another wanted form for other people that we will need. With this agency will come more jobs in SL. As business partners I really only need your expertise. Don't worry about the funding, most of that will come from me. I want help taking a simple idea and turning it into a work of art. IM me in game I'm logged in just about every night around 3or 4 SL time. If you want to be a part of this let's set up a place to meet and talk. Thanks for reading this hope to hear from you soon.
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