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  1. Thank you guys for your speedy replies That seems to have pretty much completely fixed the problem (in the last few minutes since I changed my settings anyway). Might just use the ultra settings when taking pictures. Just seems a little odd that I've been running SL with these settings for years and never had this issue until recently - is that just a sign of my graphics card getting old? D:
  2. I don't know if anyone will see this since this is a super outdated thread but I can't seem to work mine out. D: It's only been happening for the last few days but it's driving me NUTS. I've attached my specs below. I'm running Firestorm 6.3.2. My texture memory is allll the way up so I have no clue what to do :P. My PC is getting a little old though... CPU: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G3260 @ 3.30GHz (3299.04 MHz) Memory: 8129 MB OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit (Build 17763.864) Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 650/PCIe/SSE2 Windows Graphics Driver Version: OpenGL Version: 4.6.0 NVIDIA 432.00 RestrainedLove API: (disabled) libcurl Version: libcurl/7.54.1 OpenSSL/1.0.2l zlib/1.2.8 nghttp2/1.25.0 J2C Decoder Version: KDU v7.10.7 Audio Driver Version: FMOD Studio 2.00.03 Dullahan: 1.1.1320 / CEF: 3.3626.1895.g7001d56 / Chromium: 72.0.3626.121 LibVLC Version: 2.2.8 Voice Server Version: Vivox 4.9.0002.30313 Settings mode: Firestorm Viewer Skin: Firestorm (Grey) Window size: 1024x705 px Font Used: Deja Vu (96 dpi) Font Size Adjustment: 0 pt UI Scaling: 1 Draw distance: 392 m Bandwidth: 400 kbit/s LOD factor: 3 Render quality: Ultra (7/7) Advanced Lighting Model: Yes Texture memory: 768 MB (1) VFS (cache) creation time (UTC): 2019-10-4T3:50:30 Built with MSVC version 1800 Packets Lost: 73/1,280,451 (0.0%) December 08 2019 00:08:44 SLT
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