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  1. Concept has been scrapped and reformed. Please see other post for more information.
  2. Also would like to put in here that I have created a discord. Feel free to join even if your just interested in super rp. I in the buying phase for buildings, furniture, and layout phase before I purchase/rent land. https://discord.gg/aCxArK7QYT
  3. I am sure that could be worked out, a lot of the more financial stuff which is touchy and is subject to change but I am just eager to bring something people will enjoy is my main goal.
  4. Good morning, I am currently posting this in roleplay as I am looking to broadcast and recruit for my sim I am developing. The sim is based around superhero rp, I enjoy it and see it needs more sims within the community. But I also crave that story telling that is missing from most of these sim's not just a place to jump into and look for a random rp. I want the sim to be an evolving experience that those playing frequently will say "Yeah we used to have a coffee shop there until Umbra demoed it to put a security checkpoint there. I have some ideas that I would like to lay out, all of this will be rented and supported financially by me so this is no way a callout for cash drops, just an invite to the group. 1. Character urgency/relevancy 2. Evolving Sim 3. Mesh of Roleplay and Adult themes 4. Rooms tell a story 5. Positive outlook on Hero/Vigilante characters 6. Villains always win mentality removal 7. Pay for status 1. Character Urgency/Relevancy: All super's/villains should have weight to the world and not just be canon fodder, and mainly to add importance to all characters within the sim when telling a story or doing events. 2. Evolving Sim: My idea behind an evolving sim was to have the city start in the beginning of the global conflict and as Umbra arrives slowly show the battle and the slow control process of them taking over the city into it being locked down by them. So basically to show an ever evolving sim for story. 3. Mesh of Roleplay and Adult themes: I see this a lot and I have issues but I understand the sim theme's are adult. I want to keep that same energy and mesh roleplay more into the forefront not just a "am i going to get captured" mentality, instead pushing for more, rooftop talk like with Superman and Batman, or shawarmas with the Avengers things. 4. Rooms tell a story: This is mainly a promise not to just line up five x cross devices and half bake the rooms, but to put effort and energy into every room. 5. Positive outlook on Hero/Vigilante characters: Partially biased on this but it is mainly the positive energy of allowing heroes to play in these kind of S.H.I.P roleplays. I am a big sucker for romance rps and enjoy having the option to auction myself off as a romance option whether or not its the stories of Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman, or Spider man and Mary Jane, even Wonder Woman and Batman. These all have fun and interesting roleplay elements. 6. Villains Always win mentality removal: This sometimes irks me about the villains have god mode turned on, I had this luxury at another sim, but my idea behind this is to show that the heroines/heroes can win, from time to time. 7. Pay for status: (Hold the tomatoes!) This is mainly for my own interests and to offer a reward to those who do contribute and pitch in a decent percentage to the sim such as 25% or 50% if you are helping pay for the sim without me coming out and asking for help this point is for those curious about what's in it for me. Essentially it is status, you will be given a high seat within the city whether it is an city official or ranking member in Umbra. I also do plan for housing for said individuals without a renting system you will be given an allotted amount to use and decorate your home. I will also be giving these people higher roles to be essentially moderators. Note: Abuse of power will not be tolerated, if I am notified and sent logs of you using your power as a way to get players to do something they don't want to do I will personally remove your status and ban you from the sim. Any form of abuse regardless of what it is will not be tolerated! I hope you enjoyed this read, possibly even interested to join the Umbra Regime. If you are I will list the slurl below along with my contact name. Feel free to IM with questions or concerns. Thank you, Chris Mason SLURL: secondlife:///app/group/10d94c90-40d1-a573-da89-0eff680f1208/about
  5. Hoping to find someone with experience who can create armor for me. Willing to pay commission for creation of this armor. Please message me inworld at Chris Mason. Thank you,
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