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  1. OK, I found it now. I didn't know it is in "manage". But my order is still not there
  2. Rolig Loon, thank you for your answer, but it is still completely vague for me what happened. Can you help me, please, as I don't understand where else to ask for help. I didn't find any sl support e-mail contact, it is so strange to me. I bought lindens (or try to buy, well) here - https://secondlife.com/my/lindex/buy.php It is only option I got when I clicked on left side to buy lindens. Now, where is that option "order history"? When I clicked on account history/statements, I got this- https://accounts.secondlife.com/account_history/?lang=en-US#?current_month=2019-09&page_size=25 and it is written there that in this week I have only failed currency buys. I still have not idea what happened with dollars I used to (try to) buy lindens. Mario
  3. Hello, before about 24 hours I bought lindens for the first time. I gave 20 us dollars from my credit card. It was written buying was ok and, of course, that money is not anymore on my credit card so I thought there can be problems anymore. ...but one day later I still don't see any amount of lindens on my screen. Some friends had idea it is there but not visible from some reason, so they gave me 6 lindens like gifts thinking all that money I have will not shown on screen...but no, it is not there. I even don't know whom to write...still if I gave 20 dollars and got nothing for it, no lindens, it is just fraud, as I see, right? Of course, I expect it will be solved soon, but I really insist to get any answer when I will have those lindens. Grateful in advance, Mario Knezevic
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