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  1. Rolig Loon, thank you for your answer, but it is still completely vague for me what happened. Can you help me, please, as I don't understand where else to ask for help. I didn't find any sl support e-mail contact, it is so strange to me. I bought lindens (or try to buy, well) here - https://secondlife.com/my/lindex/buy.php It is only option I got when I clicked on left side to buy lindens. Now, where is that option "order history"? When I clicked on account history/statements, I got this- https://accounts.secondlife.com/account_history/?lang=en-US#?current_month=2019-09&page_size=25 and it is written there that in this week I have only failed currency buys. I still have not idea what happened with dollars I used to (try to) buy lindens. Mario
  2. Hello, before about 24 hours I bought lindens for the first time. I gave 20 us dollars from my credit card. It was written buying was ok and, of course, that money is not anymore on my credit card so I thought there can be problems anymore. ...but one day later I still don't see any amount of lindens on my screen. Some friends had idea it is there but not visible from some reason, so they gave me 6 lindens like gifts thinking all that money I have will not shown on screen...but no, it is not there. I even don't know whom to write...still if I gave 20 dollars and got nothing for it, no lindens, it is just fraud, as I see, right? Of course, I expect it will be solved soon, but I really insist to get any answer when I will have those lindens. Grateful in advance, Mario Knezevic
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