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  1. Not sure if it's the same situation ("abandoned land"), but yesterday I was flying over the ocean north of Da Boom http://slurl.com/secondlife/Da Boom/128/128/2 when I see three or more green dots on my map. So I decided to go down and ask one of them why they were in the middle of nowhere, under the ocean. She said some people mark places like that as home, to have a lag and troll free zone to be. I had no idea this is possible and forgot to check the ownership of the region (since there's nothing there, I imagine it belongs to "Governor Linden"). My home is still the welcoming island.
  2. Hello, I'm writing about SL but I admit I still confused about some details, especially premium accounts. Maybe someone experienced here can help me. I understand that abandoned lands (accounts without regular payment) will be returned to "Governor Linden" ownership, right? So Linden Labs can do whatever they want, like auctions. Today (according to gridsurvey, not sure if it's a reliable source) there is around 21% of abandoned land on the main grid. But what about everything that was created/rezzed there by ex-owners? Like house, furniture, cars, etc? Are they returned to account's
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