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  1. How much data does sl take when running,? Like per hour maybe...I've lost internet and seeking alternative ways to run second life any suggestions or information would be great tysm in advance!! 😊
  2. once again the season has changed in SL..I am seeking fall themed HOMES or gothic HOMES for rent...if you have a place leave your link and i will check it out...i prefer the latest deco for furniture etc! tysm in advance!
  3. hmm it says eep viewer and downloaded it from the alternate viewers site within secondlife...is there another link i need for the CORRECT viewer? im unsure where to look
  4. this is all i have on my screen compared to the wiki info...do i need to own land to be able to change my settings? why isnt it showing all options?
  5. im seeking general info here...i downloaded the viewer but i am unable to find any windlight settings or environments? where would they be located?? would someone be so kind to make a YOUTUBE tutorial on this viewer perhaps? tysm!
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