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  1. We are looking for reliable people to join our team here at Timor Isles @ Bali Resort. If you are good with RP and can stick to a schedule and look forward to working in paradise and meeting new people every day then contact us. Serious applicants only. Commissions only, you work and you get paid immediately 1k per session (1 hour each if booked) Seeking Yoga instructors, tour guide and Spa attendants. You will be trained and given the tools you need to do your job, you can also freestyle or create your own RP as you wish. Contact: https://www.facebook.com/Gabe.DRD/ https://www.faceb
  2. Hello. So my eyebrows do this sometimes: https://gyazo.com/642a59c8bcadbd251ddd49198c90b864 They turn upside down if I tp somewhere or hop on or off of a post. My lips also screw up but im way more concerned with these stupid looking brows. Even though in my photo I am wearing a Bento mesh head, this happens even with no head and in my default avi. I also have, done all the maintenance I could do, clear cache etc. reset skeleton, disabled all gestures, poses and revoke permissions on animations. I'm now at a complete loss on what to do.
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