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  1. If it's one thing LL has taught me over the years, it's that they LOVE breaking how shotguns work. Good luck.
  2. Alright so with the recent server rollouts I'm even more confused because our sim performance is stable again and back to what we're used to. I don't exactly have a technical background but it seems weird as hell to me that the rest of the grid now being up-to-date with the latest release candidate has now fixed the issues plaguing us when we haven't restarted the sim today, and we were on Magnum to begin with. Maybe less power is dedicated to server testing versions? But that's a different question entirely, so this particular issue is closed, and thanks @Qie Niangao and @Nalates Urriah
  3. Hey thanks for the feedback, I'll definitely check that out, especially if things don't improve by the time it rolls around again. Also, apologies if it sounded like I meant "This isn't affecting anyone else." when I mentioned things like RP sims and such. I'm sure others are suffering too, but I can only speak for my experience when I say that back when I did RP stuff, I could still ultimately do what I was in the sim to do (posting, simple dice HUDS, and such), even with a lot of lag.
  4. Hey, thanks for the response. Nope, we don't have anything with pathfinding out as far as I know, and perhaps only 2 animesh NPCs? I'd be happy to invite folks for a nip 'round, but also don't want anyone to jump down my throat for "advertising" in an improper place (which is why I redacted the sim names from the logs), so on that front I'll stick to posting the screenshot of the statistics bar as you suggested unless I get permission to do otherwise. I'll throw in top scripts and top colliders as well, for good measure. I also looked at what you said with the server r
  5. Hey, I'm not precisely sure where to put this as it's my first time posting here, but I help run a combat sim in the Second Life Military Community and lately we've been having an issue that's causing me to tear my hair out in frustration. So, to give a little background, most sims rely on passive interaction when it comes to scripts and whatnot, with RP sims, adult activity sims and such usually being functional even under comparatively heavy script lag (anywhere between 50-60% script run). Not so with combat sims, where that amount of lag causes a significantly reduced experience.
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