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  1. Thank you for your replies, interests or encouragements. The place is up but i still need to do a lot and i'm still fairly new to all this. I am a bit out for the summer but i'll resume log in on a regular basis in September. The place is visually gorgeous and mind soothing, especially at the pond, set in night time. I need to find sounds and poses and more to add to the scene but i am perfectionist so it take longer, so longer i wonder if there is any end at all (drawback of perfectionism).


    DFS stand for digital farming system which is a kind of fun cooking game with breedeable ingredients. I love it, and it gives me another goal aside with learning to create content.

  2. Hi, this is my first time i post in the forum. I come read here for a while but never really did any intervention. Sorry English is not my natural language so i struggle a bit with it.

    Since i read in here i see many people having hard time to find friends. I was, at first, about to reply to some telling them advice or just trying to help, because i am really massively extrovert and to me its so easy. But also notice some people don't get advice given with genuine intentions and they  berate those people instead, which obviously show why some people can't make friends. Social skills are not required but can be helpful. But anyway i am not writing this post to tell you that, just explaining the reason why i post this one.

    So this post will be a reversed post who will offer friendship instead.

    Me and my roomie, who is my best, rent a place we turned into a public garden. We are very sociable and talkative and doing a lot of activities. We also try to do some project and work, our second life is pretty active, i guess. We are welcoming anyone that come with genuine intention and are not invasive, pushy or mean.

    About me, i love too many things to mention them but among what i do on a daily basis is to improve the scenery of our garden and tend the DFS plants i growth. I love taking pictures, i have a ton of them, 98% of them are pictures of my friends, i love taking pictures of people. I am working on a small project of DFS coffee shop, i don't know what i am going to do with it but im doing it, we ll see where it goes. And tons of others projects i think about. I talk a lot and sometime i do real silly things, so if you like to listen to people, being flooded with tons and tons of text, you will probably enjoy me.

    If you are into DFS, i have some stuff set to public, you can come play with me, and i have most of the stations set a bit everywhere to prepare, transform and cook. Also have a fishing server, you can come get fishes, cook them or make more baits.

    I plan to set more activities, we have a large perigola we can turn into a dance floor, or set our simopolis game table or any other games we feel to play.We are on the mainland and have access to second life road and sailable lake. We can set a tv and watch movies but we mostly listen to music on youtube and share links :)

    I could tell you more about it but you could find me in game easily, look in my profile, in picks section, there is a TP to there. I spend 90% of my time there so you are very likely to find me, when i am logged.

    No need to reply here, i am in world waiting for you if the heart tells you.

    But before you come or not, keep in mind that friendship require simplicity and genuine intentions. Those are the best tools to guaranty a successful relationship.

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