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  1. M0sstafa

    banned account

    yes i was in SL for 9 years and i didn't do anything so they won't tell me anyway right ?
  2. M0sstafa

    banned account

    but what kind of violation ?? i need to know did i insulted someone ? did something wrong ?
  3. M0sstafa

    banned account

    here is the messege This email is notification that Linden Lab has terminated your access to the Second Life virtual world due to severe or repeated violations of the Second Life Terms and Conditions (available at https://www.lindenlab.com/legal/second-life-terms-and-conditions), Linden Lab Terms of Service (available at https://www.lindenlab.com/tos), or related policy. Your account has been permanently disabled. Depending on the nature of the recorded violations, additional alternate or household accounts may also have been disabled. Per the Linden Lab Terms of Service, you may not return to Second Life on any account, new or existing.
  4. M0sstafa

    banned account

    the just said that banned because violation of rules i have no idea i just want to know what i did so i don't do it again but they keep saying violation what kind of violation they don't say and i wasn't using alts wasn't doing anything bad and it's permanent ban
  5. M0sstafa

    banned account

    hello i have been banned along time ago ..i asked linden lab why i got banned they didn't say reason .. and i don't even know how to play from the beginning when i don'y know why i got banned anyway to know why ? anyway to get my account back ? anyway to get my avi content information to make same avatar ? anyway to understand anything ?
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