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  1. Big thanks to eveyone on here for the help and support just like the old days it seems 😉
  2. So what's the best viewer to use now days?
  3. OK great thanks for the info we'll I may as well no go premium and then decide what u want so I used to play second life around 8 years ago is it still somthing that is goung to stay around is there still the user base as before from what iv seen its dead to what it used to be or is that because I'm not premium and not seen all locations?
  4. OK great thanks for that so I will not take the linden home and go find some land my next question is prim count what will it be on a 1,024 mainland plot?
  5. OK so when I sign up I get offered a liden home? So I can refuse one I do not want one or need one what will happen then will I get given a mainland plot of 1,024 or just the option to own it with no fees? Sorry for all the questions
  6. Also as a premium member am I correct in thinking That I can own 1,024 and not pay land fees?
  7. OK thanks for that so I'm going to have to go premium anyway as I want to own mainland so can I rent my liden home out as I do not really want or need it? Also what's the main reason to one mainland is that the best land to own?
  8. Hi all I'm after some advice so is it worth upgrading my membership to second life my question is liden homes can I build my own on that land can I remove the house they give me also can the land be used for selling items from? Is it worth the money each month or am I better off renting land or even buying? Regards steve
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