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  1. Lumiya for Android can still be obtained, though not through the Play store. It works seamlessly. There are things that it can't do, obviously, but you can chat, change outfits, view the map, and move around in the world (though not at full resolution). It's been available on Android for years. If LL releases something with less features, and only for Apple mobile devices, that's kind of sad.
  2. I highly recommend you contact Annabell Wandsworth. Very reasonable rates for absolutely exceptional work.
  3. Annabell is a truly talented interior designer, and essentially built two new rooms on, and decorated them as well. She did a whole home decoration job, and we couldn't be happier with the results. Thanks again, Annabell. We love it!
  4. Looking for a custom animation. Right hand hold a computer tablet as if reading. Left hand swipe and type at intervals. Would like it to work both standing and sitting. Repackaging a good book reading animation would be fine, needs to loop for as long as the tablet is in the hand. EDIT: Please message in world via message or notecard. - Rowan Roundel
  5. That may be it. Are they no longer listing on the forums? Thanks, I'll go poke around!
  6. Maybe I'm just searching wrong, but didn't there used to be a recruiting thread that turned into a huge list of RP places with their coordinates and specific type of RP? I swear I have seen someone post about joining his RP group, and then everyone hijacked it to promote their own. I am positive I used it to teleport several places. I can't find it anywhere...
  7. I've been around to quite a few of them. Most are empty with the exception of the mannequins. Perhaps it's just the time, I go around 5 CST (SLT+2).
  8. You've got DJ's, you've got hosts, you've got dancers... but do you have a dedicated barkeep? If not, let's get together! Able to work evenings (5 SLT on to midnight or 2 SLT). I'll help you keep customers engaged, and provide an enjoyable experience. Pay rate negotiable, pay frequency - weekly preferred.
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