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  1. It is not that we want you to use the same items we use in the theme, it is only making it available for the residents who want to have them. People like to match, or perhaps they want that front wall to extend across the driveway or do things inside the parcel that we are unable to do, or that would not be wise to do when you have parcels that will be lived in by several different residents over time.
  2. There are 512s in Newbrooke and in Sakura also.
  3. What do the Fantasy houses do that no other house theme does? Nope!
  4. Not really, 'reworking' parcel sizes on regions that are already fleshed out and complete would pretty much mean a rework of the entire region from scratch.
  5. All of those coastal Ranch Railroad depots have a Rez zone cut and most but not all have a little sign. They are usually cut in such a way where there is also space to rez a car as well. It may be easier to see if you have your parcel lines showing. There are no train rezzers, but almost every coastal ranch region that the tracks go through has a rezzing parcel.
  6. Tackling this before coffee has had time to kick in, so bear with me if this is nonsense: I think at least Ranch is deceptive - it is in many places just as densely landscaped, but it is more grass-heavy content, and the trees have less 'skirt' to break up the sky. It is certainly less tree'd I will agree, and because of that it is less sheltered and more open feeling. Meds lean heavy toward grassy content as well but with both themes I think the biggest difference (other than parcel sizes and walls/fence and the terrain/rock) is the type of tree/shrubs and the density of both. If we had giant pines instead, it would feel dramatically different in both of those themes.
  7. Well, I mean.... you CAAAAAAAAN..... Those third degree burns though. 🫠
  8. There is always a plan (Though - like all good plans... sometimes the plans change.)
  9. Yes! You can see them at Bellihub and the Welcome hub LH demo region!
  10. Thats because our tools were a different shade than the other regions at the time the map tile updated.
  11. The Newbrooke regions all have the same trees, rocks, and plants as the demo region did. (With the exception of blended theme regions)
  12. Sadly, in Linden Homes - no, as the wreath would have to be linked to the door itself in order to do so, and to do that, you would have to own the house object or at the very least, the door as its own linkset. The best suggestion I have is to hang it to the side of the door, which isn't ideal, or to just be sure it is set to be phantom so you can at least walk through it while it hangs in midair until the door is closed again.
  13. We have never minded respectful curiosity. We understand that, and would be curious also if the shoe were on the other foot. The situation Abnor refers to is a different kettle of fish. ❤️
  14. It is not actually on the diagonal, it just appears to be so because of the roads/canals etc around it.
  15. Nope! Some of those things might be falling into those 'categories' but its not what they mean, and the codes are not always consistent, some come and go depending on theme etc. etc. The important thing is WE know what they mean Though it is always entertaining to see what you all think they mean.
  16. I think what is sort of being missed here is that Abnor is not advocating for or against the idea in its concept, all he is saying that some of the suggestions being made are more complex than they appear.
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