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  1. We are still workin away!
  2. That was Abnor The hard thing is that part of what affords the canals to work are the type of roads in a region, the amount of parcels, and the theme. Modern roads are not nearly as flexible, and they take up far more room. There are a few Chalet regions that have a bit of a canal thing going on, but it is just not the same.
  3. It involves a lot of chopping, grinding, broken casings and occasionally a lost finger.
  4. Right, and sometimes more colors get added depending on the theme or what has to be done to them - so that confuses it all a bit further.
  5. It does but... without ruining the mystique, its one of the first colors - so thats up before the majority of the team even touches a region, way way before QA even has to think of that region existing.
  6. Who says its fantasy under the green?
  7. We haven't forgotten them, they were/are waiting for some special magic before they are set out in the world to frolic and be free.
  8. I was there, and rezzed them But I left world shortly after seeing them come up
  9. Yesterday was Friday the 13th! She's channeling her inner-Jason!
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