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  1. I must say you should get off your high horse. What you're calling for is for complete segregation and that is immaculately absurd!You claim to be tall yourself but then state how everyone else who's tall is "bad and will report anyone shorter" which is very much not true. You speak for the archaic and the old before mesh existed. I'm very much sorry but when you start to RP halfway through this thread it just doesn't look good or professional. You do not look "Cool" or "mature" this way, which I can clearly see you're trying to act like you're smarter and more mature than everyone else. which honey, I'm sorry but you don't hit that mark. You're not educating anyone. In fact, we're all here to educate you. And yes, let us talk about your "sisters". I've been told by many people that these are all your alts. You: yourself, are the tall one acting like everyone else is immature. Your hypocrisy runs deep within your own veins and its toxicity is spreading far and wide. What really differentiates an anime avatar from a human? One thing perhaps, since most of them do use the same body these days. A head. That's right, you're calling for segregation determined by what head people use.Furthermore, you're acting out against those using the standard bodies within the core platform itself. "normies shouldn't be in anime sims and anime shouldn't be in normie sims." You are broadly offensive and highly immature. You've only upset the good people who read this. You state and I quote: "No Avatar should ever be told they can where what they want, if we can all just get along and not cry the wolf. " but then you tell one person "Anime stay with the anime, normie stay with normie. they should never cross sim." The only one crying wolf is you. Right here, and right now. I'm sorry but your testimony has several holes in it as well as contradictions. This "case" should be considered dismissed.
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