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  1. Oh, I see. Well, okay then, thank you for your answers!
  2. So I contected Support again and they just said that I need to wait for an answer on my ticket, like the last time. So I was wondering for now how long I need to wait for an answer now? Just curious. And also maybe you know what can they do with my problem? Like, there will be a refund on my Paypal accountor something like that?
  3. I already checked my USD balance, and it's empty.
  4. Greetings everyone! So today I tried to buy some lindens but got an error "We were unable to make changes to current invoice", money from my PayPal account was charged but I haven't got any lindens. I called the support and they said me that it's a problem with game and they will fix it. So, the problem with billing was resolved, but I saw that my order was cancelled and then I recieved an email "An attempt to purchase Linden Dollars for your account via the LindeX page on secondlife.com has failed" from Second Life. So, I was wondering if this amount will be return to me and I just need to wait or I need to report an issue in my PayPal account myself to ask for refund? I already submitted a ticket and waiting for answer but decided to ask here too. Thanks in advance!
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