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  1. 3 hours ago, KirinGale said:

    I'm not meaning to be contentious with anyone, and I can see where you're coming from OP, but I just don't think you can sway people here with your choice of tone or argument.

    You do read as confrontational, even if that's not your intention. I'm sorry things get (and got) so cutthroat here, it's why I tend to abstain from the forums... You just kind of have to leave feelings at the door and, if you do post, be more deliberate and considerate with your word choice. It doesn't help anyone to be heated or condescending.

    SL forums, and I hate to say it, can be very opinionated, if not a bit dogmatic. The communications here (imo) are a relic in comparison to other social media sites; conversations here tend to be very formal and to-the-point, with very little use of slang, etc... I've never seen a truly casual conversation here, they all usually boil down to functionality, business models, UI/UX... techie stuff. So if you want to open a conversation I'd honestly take it to general discussions.

    If it helps to explain it, SL is not like other online communities where you're catering to an audience -- whether that's by cataloging your art, or showcasing highlights of your "best self", or commiserating on a team win and scaling up the player ranks. SL is more focused on communities building experiences for the individual -- it's a very "my world, my rules" sort of place. People here also put up a lot of barriers and don't really want to connect their RL persona to their virtual one. 

    So, when you're coming from other online and virtual communities (whether it be a website or game), where socializing is necessary to navigate or progress, the antithesis in something not so dissimilar can can be really confusing. I wish SL was more communally oriented (socially and otherwise), and it's not that you can't find community or connect here, it's just not the primary aim of the experience.

    What I'm getting from your post is that --

    • On SL there is a group of users who have exposure to more recent and modern media, and style their appearances to reflect as such. For them, it's simply a stylistic or aesthetical preference, yet these appearances can sadly lead to being misunderstood or ostracized by some people and groups.
    • On the other end there is a community here of older or unexposed people, and they simply do not see (or understand) the media/artistic influences in an avatar's style, and that the appearance isn't necessarily parallel to age-play -- these people seem to most frequently shut down on realistically proportioned, anime, k-pop, j-pop, visual kei, lolita, etc. style avis because they look to be "too young" or "too short".
    • You personally would prefer people be more open, rather than snubbing others based on the superficial appearances of an avatar. Height standards are an aesthetic preference, they're not a specific indicator or projection of age and/or personality, and people shouldn't be expected to fall in line with a particular opinion on avatar style.

    I totally agree with you on the idea that one should judge others in this community based on their character and the quality of interactions, not on appearances...

    Again, I understand your point, but I also see why people misread your first post (a bit ranting), and also responded negatively to your incensed replies.

    Thankyou for your kind words, at least you understand what I was getting at. I am tired and done teaching about this subject and I am use to negativity.

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  2. 7 hours ago, MichaMoz said:

    Anyone know where I can get an orb that will eject avatars over 6 feet tall? This kind of discrimination should really work both ways.


    I'll do it myself.

    This is what I was talking about when it came to height. You were all suppose to learn to not judge others about it. I placed examples and you people took it offense, as if that was the very thing I was supporting.

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  3. 6 minutes ago, elixdude said:

    I don't know why you should teach anyone about height while... Second Life gives freedom to put any height you want, from dwarf size to giraffe size. It's up to us to decide whatever our height should be.

    The conversation at hand is how people are deciding the factor of age by height. Not about what Height you should be. Its about how to not judge someone based off of height. If you do not do this, then you don't really have to worry about the conversation, it has nothing to do with you.

  4. With everything said here, I have made my statement and like it or not, it's here to stay.

    * If you are a Tall avatar do not expect your choice to be tall deems you the right to decided who will be what height. ( I know this and I do not need sass to back it up)
    * If your are a regular, normal, whatever it is you call yourself. You are a different Canvas then an Anime avatar, and a Furry Avatar for that matter. So stop expecting everyone to be you.
    * If you own a sim or a parcel and you have rules about avatars, that is your right, no one can take that from you. But from what I see if you do this, then you support separation and superiority and you are exactly the contradiction you spill from your mouth. EX: Ban all Normies from an Anime sim, or Ban all Animes from a Normie sim. Its the same Eth'ing thing.

    *You all like to take words out of context, regardless who is saying what.

    * You all assume that this is about you, when in fact if you ether do not have a problem with any of this, whiy feel like a victim? I did not call your name, did I? N,o yet you come in screaming and smashing your keyboards in demanding response when someone is trying to explain something in there own nature. I could go on and on in this heartless fire but it's no longer worth my time.

    *Your either very rude, or very supportive of this conversation we have had in this past day. Reflect on how you responded. Because I never called any of you out and yet you lashed like children to get your point across. Those that were civil, thank you.

    *Remember the only time I truly talked down on you is when you were rude to me for making a point, taking my words out of context, and trying to make a fool of what I have stated in the other fragments of this context.

    @Penny Patton Thankyou for setting up and putting in that idea so that it can go across all platforms of Secondlife.

    *Thank you for your time, have a wonderful Secondlife, And may the Moonlight of Dimah watch over you in the darkest of forest. Or? creep on you when you are not looking.

    *So many of you, are getting an F.

    Class dismissed.


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  5. 9 minutes ago, FuIlM00n said:

    I am not teaching avatars to be any height. I am teaching avatars to stop judging based on height. You are in the wrong grade and classroom. tsk tsk.

    I am telling no one to shut up, This is a conversation. Do not put words in my mouth : >

  6. 2 hours ago, oaklybarnes said:

    I must say you should get off your high horse. What you're calling for is for complete segregation and that is immaculately absurd!You claim to be tall yourself but then state how everyone else who's tall is "bad and will report anyone shorter" which is very much not true. You speak for the archaic and the old before mesh existed. I'm very much sorry but when you start to RP halfway through this thread it just doesn't look good or professional. You do not look "Cool" or "mature" this way, which I can clearly see you're trying to act like you're smarter and more mature than everyone else. which honey, I'm sorry but you don't hit that mark. You're not educating anyone. In fact, we're all here to educate you. And yes, let us talk about your "sisters". I've been told by many people that these are all your alts. You: yourself, are the tall one acting like everyone else is immature. Your hypocrisy runs deep within your own veins and its toxicity is spreading far and wide. What really differentiates an anime avatar from a human? One thing perhaps, since most of them do use the same body these days. A head. That's right, you're calling for segregation determined by what head people use.Furthermore, you're acting out against those using the standard bodies within the core platform itself. "normies shouldn't be in anime sims and anime shouldn't be in normie sims." You are broadly offensive and highly immature. You've only upset the good people who read this.  You state and I quote: "No Avatar should ever be told they can where what they want, if we can all just get along and not cry the wolf.
    " but then you tell one person "Anime stay with the anime, normie stay with normie. they should never cross sim."  The only one crying wolf  is you. Right here, and right now. I'm sorry but your testimony has several holes in it as well as contradictions. This "case" should be considered dismissed.

    You don't read the lines carefully.
    " If you are in a Sim of Anime, respect the genre and do not expect to be catered to your needs as a Normie. IT IS ANIME.
    If you are on a Normie sim, do not EXPECT to be excepted as an Anime avatar. "

    And then I said and stated.

    "This is the problem I see in Secondlife and it is ruthlessly pathetic."

    What I am stating is not to have this segregation you speak of, I am simply telling you the truth. Sims segregate. Mostly RP sims, but still.
    And I still go by what I have said. No avatar can decide what a player should dress up as. And if you are taller then 7' you have no business calling out child avatars because you are just to big 😆 Measurements dear.

    I am not roelplaying, I am teaching. Like it, or not.

  7. 4 hours ago, Tari Landar said:

    Hmm...telling people to sit down and shut up (I don't care about cultural or language differences, that's just flat out RUDE), telling them how their avatars should look, or rather how tall they should be...all the while screaming "don't tell me how tall my chosen style of avatar should be"....



    Your mama failed to teach you manners, I'm sorry.  Let me help you with that...

    "Hey everyone, I have a problem, I'd like to know your opinion, let's discuss this" Sounds way better than "sit down and shut up *I* am going to school you all, because you guys don't know anything".

    The latter is the kind of "teacher" that gets their ass super glued to a chair ;) 


    I am not teaching avatars to be any height. I am teaching avatars to stop judging based on height. You are in the wrong grade and classroom. tsk tsk.

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  8. 3 hours ago, FairreLilette said:

    I didn't know much about anime...but when I typed Anime in the inworld search engine just now...all the places that came up first had the big A as in adult.

    I never knew there were adult places for the animes.  aye aye aye

    You sound like a "dom" anime to me in your role play speak.   

    That is quiet brave of you! I do not use the Adult Sims often, unless one of my friends is there! I tend to my own home. This is not the Sex-Ed class, you might be in the wrong classroom darling : >

  9. I love all the comments being given on the subject, and it is also interesting to see the different points of view on each individual when it comes to this topic at hand.

    However this is no joking matter, and My sisters and I have one thing in common. We do not do repeats. The Outcome will be resolved. Class is still in session.


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  10. 2 hours ago, Matty Luminos said:

    I'm not talking about making anything compulsory. All it would take is slightly  reducing the height of starter avatars, and adjusting the default camera angle in the SL official viewer. It's all about the first impressions a new resident gets on first login. 

    Both of which could be changed back to current settings if you wanted to do so.

    What these would do is give new starters the impression that the "average" height is nearer to normal than it currently is, and effectively give people more variety of height to choose from. Because right now, the shorter third of the height range is almost unusable due to accusations of/fear of being identified as a child.

    It is this very idea of fear, that we must prevent at all costs. Secondlife is a game of pure imagination where no God can tell us how we should be. Where we are given the choice to be what we want to be. So we have to cherish that idea, it is the while reason behind what makes Secondlife, Secondlife.

  11. 3 hours ago, Alwin Alcott said:

    and they shouldn't

    If people don't like it, lock yourself in a sim, with rules that don't allow it.... but hey isn't that what many already complain about?... the banning of small avies on private regions?

    What you seem to fail to understand is, on an Anime sim, Normies are 8' avatars go to those sims, and cry wolf on avatars that are smaller then them. This is the problem that is being addressed here. Not your sim, and not your one tracked mind so it seems.

  12. 3 hours ago, Alwin Alcott said:

    It's your freedom to be a tiny, as it is mine to be a human in SL proportions.
    You'r not less judgmental by your "education" as anyone that bans small childish or any other type of avatar.

    Again a freaking noob account that comes tell others what to do... ( i won't use the words i have in mind to prevent a warning)

    Secondlife has a ruler, and 7 - 8'' is not normal : > 
    I am speaking on behalf of all the avatars that are around 7 and 8' That is not human. that could be called Orcs?

    When you are not human sized and are a giant, of course a normal 5'4 female will look small.
    I am here to educate you, try to read the lines less judge them in your eyes.

  13. 18 hours ago, Penny Patton said:

    Here's the TL:DR version:

    The average normie avatar, especially guys, tend to be 7-9' tall. This isn't a problem except that when they see avatars that are 6' or shorter, which many anime style avatars are (Furries, too, for that matter. Also, women in growing numbers. And landowners who want to get their money's worth.) too many of them cry "Child avatar!" and try to get shorter avatars banned simply for being shorter than they are. That's stupid. They should stop doing that.

    I'll add that there's a simple thing LL could do to begin clearing up this issue.

    I have found we are both Cow like! I am Full Moon,  Dremah Cow. No we are not the same, we both like to understand serious issues though. That is important.

  14. 2 hours ago, Alwin Alcott said:

    many small types of avatars dó look like kids for many, often anime and sortlike phantasy avatars with also the appearance of kids in sugary sweet little dresses and other objects.
    yes we know all accounts are adults, but , i keep it to my choice; i don't want them around at my adult place.

    [edit] i don't discriminate ... i ban niramyth (and sortlike apes) too

    Again, you're a different Cavnas then Anime, so yes if an anime avatar looks like a child, it's a problem. But if they are clearly an adult, you have a problem. On your land it should never even be a say so in the matter, on land you do not own, you can simply. Hush.

  15. Just now, FuIlM00n said:

    It is about time they DO!


    5 hours ago, Matty Luminos said:

    Penny has been campaigning for this for years. Linden Lab still haven't listened. 

    personally I wish they would. Then I could actually be a foot taller than everyone else, like I am supposed to be. 😎


  16. Is that what they call it now, I do not know. No matter, Hello I am Full Moon! Normaly I am 10' but in this virtual space i am 8'.
    That is quiet large isn't it? Naturally in this topic I will speak and educate the Second Life Community about height and how it has seemed to effect some users from being able to experience Secondlife and what wonders it has to offer in the bodies they feel appropriate to there avatar!  And not feel like they are in fear or how you would say, the EGG SHELL WALKING!

    When a Teacher teaches, you sit and listen. Do not back talk to me.

    Now lets begin!

    A Normie ( Although I am sure it is just the normal avatar )
    Can Be anything from mesh to default Secondlife Bodies. For instance the Maitreya body and Catawa seem to be quite popular yes? And for good reasons too, they are wonderful avatars! The Freya Jake makes for a very handsome Male as well!

    Anime: Any type of avatar that has the popular Japanese style artwork in 3D mesh form! Or sculpties I suppose. These Bodies range into the Fitted Kemono, Maiterya, Freya, Slink and so forth. They are sometimes referred to as "The Weebs".

    Now that we understand the types of avatars of this topic let us discuss the next topic, height. Please pay attention.

    It has been given my attention that Linden Labs has not addressed this issue properly, and as such it is my business to put my foot down on issues that rather fall into category of both ignorance and non transparency. A large avatar, such as myself, NOT normal, will always be much larger then say a 5'2 or 5'4 female avatar. Normie or not. Anime holds a certain esthetic to it's genre. The Cute look factors into the limitations of What is available on the Market. Anime, for the most part is just cute. Anime and age matter only to the creator and its sol purpose, now that is to say Height does play a very important roll! If a Maitreya female at 5' with a M4 head meets a male normie, at 8' Does one call this a child avatar for the Anime avatar?

    The answer is very simple.


    No you do not get to decide a avatars age by look. You do not get to decide the avatars age by height, if you are big and tall like me, even 6' males look like children. the problem is, Secondlife and the Community have not understood the height restrictions and how they are to be used within moderation but never explicate gratification. It is rather silly to say, an Anime girl is young when she can be just as old as the male standing besides her but she is of a different CANVAS. The art styles of these two avatars are very different. Must I mention the choice of clothes do depend on age as well, if a anime avatar wheres childish clothes, they fall into that category, but naturally it does depend on the clothes we are as we act our age. This is not about sexual connection between avatars. You should never roleplay as a child and do unspeakable acts with an adult avatar.  As I have stated this is a discussion of Avatars and Height, and how it seems to become an issue that if you are an Anime avatar, you are an immediate threat to the community and can be flagged as CHILDREN. Again, this is due to the lack of understanding an Anime avatar will not match your 8' Male avatar so you can feel like she's not a child. YOU ARE TO BIG. Why should female avatars all be 6'5 just so you can feel your height matches? Or your age? The answer is, STOP comparing your Normie avatar with an ANIME avatar.


    Normie Avatars seem to have a rather aggressive height issue. They always appear to be much large, for no reason, and because of this its just become and acceptable norm. But you as an Anime avatar do not need to follow the normie height chart. There is a ruler in Second life and for the few that are misusing it, should learn to correct themselves.

    If you are in a Sim of Anime, respect the genre and do not expect to be catered to your needs as a Normie. IT IS ANIME.
    If you are on a Normie sim, do not EXPECT to be excepted as an Anime avatar.

    This is the problem I see in Secondlife and it is ruthlessly pathetic. Start acting your age and follow your size heights to the T or you will always have this issue. You will always have this issue due to the fact that Anime and Normie are not from the same slice of creative personification, but they are similar as they are simply creation.

    Now please, be civil amongst this topic as I am here to educate you on your rather disapproving behavior. As well as Second Life LL. You must address this issue, it is getting out of hand.
    No Avatar should ever be told they can where what they want, if we can all just get along and not cry the wolf.

    And to be perfectly honest at 10' your all tiny to me. But I understand height and that is your first issue. Fix it.

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