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  1. If you are looking for that on SL, then you obviously are not that.....better hold my tongue.
  2. To be honest with you not all negative opinions people give about someone is just their hang up. I am not saying you are a bad person but, sometimes people behave negatively based on what YOU do to them. That does not mean that THEY are exclusively the ones with issues and not yourself. You very well could be the problem in a given situation, if you believe everything you do is golden and the rest of the world is just problematic, then you will always find yourself in this scenario of the entire world being below your standards. This seems to be a common thing in the online community, and especially Secondlife. It seems quite a few are under the delusion that they are better or greater than what they truly are. This may be a very unpopular opinion but in my experience those who go out to seek empathy for so called slander usually do have some behavioural hang ups that they will never tell you about in the sob story they give you.
  3. I have been on the side of a club owner, and the side of just a dancer. Here are some things I noticed on each side to be mindful of. 1. Some of the so called most successful clubs on SL, really are only a success for those in upper management because they have their personal clients who really only care to see them. 2. Having too many dancers in a club at one time, will result in most of your dancers not getting tipped, or tipped very little due to the fact there are 6 dancers at one time and the average personal is not going to be willing to drop 1k or more on all 6 dancers. 3. Setting strip rates too high or too low. 4. It is usually a good idea to offer a small hourly incentive to dancers. 5. Mixing a voice club with dancers who voice and those who don't. In my opinion its best to have one or the other, because of the fact if you have 2 dancers on a stage and one voices and the other doesn't, the silent one is not going to make as much. 6. Having way too many themes and such going on in a short amount of time. Although it brings in patrons, you have to consider the fact a lot of your dancers may not have the RL money to constantly buy new clothes all the time before they get a chance to make anything. This one really is a balancing act. 7. You have to accept there will be dancers who have bad attitudes, as well as very insecure ones. These are just some things I have noticed, and I am not saying these are 100% the case all the time, but these are just some things I think a club owner should be mindful of.
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