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  1. I don't voice or cam, ever. It's a boundary agreed upon by me and my RL hubby. I have on both my SL page and my 1st Life page my no cam no voice boundary. I've seen many people in SL with their communication preference indicated on their profile. I know not to bother anyone whose preferences do not align with my own. In fact, there's a lot you can learn about someone from their profile, even if it's practically bare. So here are my suggestions: 1. Fill out your profile, even if it's just a little bit. 2. Look for groups and places that speak to your interests.
  2. I work as an escort from time to time, but I'm not usually successful in that field. Besides, I enjoy the role play, the shopping, the exploration and the learning, but don't have enough time to work AND play to my heart's content. 🌼 Feel free to contact me inworld. 🌼
  3. Another option is in your people window, create a Contact Set for him and all of his known alts (if you already have them as friends). Personally, I'd block him and each one of his alts. Problem solved!
  4. I have two SL friends who I regret having shared so much of my personal life with, one of whom kept pressing me for my contact information. He and I aren't friends, anymore, because of that and other boundary stomping. Another two friends pressured me into sharing my FB page with them, and I really wish I hadn't. Your personal information should remain private, at least until you've taken the time to build the foundation of a relationship with that other person. Those demanding pictures, for you to cam or voice (or Skype) with them, for your personal contact information, or for your social
  5. One of my alts has the Letutka Evolution head (Lake, I think), and I do rather like it. Cazimi is designing their products for Lelutka Evolution and Omega. My main and other alts are Lelutka (Simone and Piper, I think). I find Bakes on Mesh intimidating, but sometime when I have time, I'm going to try to learn how to use it. While I understand that previous Lelutka products may not work on the new Lelutka Evolution heads, what about new Lelutka products? Would they work on the previous Lelutka heads?
  6. Kitty Katz may be hiring, and they offer a nominal hourly wage, reasonably rated ad boards, and you keep 80% of your tips (I think).
  7. Sylvia, I suspect we may have worked at the same place... it sure sounds eerily alike. But now I know their music cuts out whenever someone gets ejected. I've been ejected from sims, especially in my newbie days, for being too young to be in certain adult sims. I don't think I've been banned from anywhere, yet. I wonder if there's a mechanism to check for banned sims on our own accounts.
  8. As a female avatar, my experience with this was less than stellar, and as described above. I don't really see the appeal.
  9. Are we allowed to mention specific places? Chibi, feel free to IM me inworld, I think I can help you.
  10. I would still welcome actual helpful responses to the question I asked, if anyone feels so inclined. Thank you very much.
  11. Everyone has their preferences. I personally don't care for Omega, that's all.
  12. I'm not looking for skins, I'm looking for cosmetics. It's great that that other people like Bakes on Mesh. But that isn't what I'm asking for.
  13. My favourite cosmetic supplier is moving from creating for specific heads to only Bakes on Mesh. If anyone can recommend cosmetic suppliers for Lelutka, please send me a notecard inworld (as long as this doesn't violate ant terms of service). Thank you.
  14. My favourite stocking supplier (vendor, creator, etc.) is moving away from making their products for body types to making them only for Omega and Bakes on Mesh. If anyone can recommend their favourite stocking suppliers for Maitreya, please drop me a notecard inworld (as long as this doesn't violate any terms of service). Thank you! (I'll be asking the same for Lelutka cosmetics.)
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