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  1. Is there a way to tell when items were added to the marketplace?
  2. Thank you to my hero inworld who came out and checked things out, gave me advice, and helped to work towards a resolution. The issue isn't resolved, but will probably be soon.
  3. There is a neighboring property for sale, and someone has placed multiple particle emitter spammers on it, flooding the surrounding area with floating grey blocks. I went to my preferences, and in graphics I reduced my max particle count to zero so that I could find what was the cause of all these floating grey blocks. They are all owned by the same Resident. Object Name: bamr Description: Toss me around for fun! Creator: Philip Linden I've submitted a ticket, and I've reported it, but is there any other recourse available? No, I haven't contacted the owner of the objects - somehow I doubt someone who would do this would take any request to remove them under consideration, and I don't want to make myself the target of more harassment. Thank you.
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