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  1. So Im in the US, and what does that mean? I dont pay that extra amount?
  2. Well if the one I pay for inworld is 16299 a week, and the weekly cost of owning a sim is in the 10k range weekly then how would the VAT end up costing more? I would love to understand so I make the best decision. I do not have it as a RL business but may in the future - but what would that look like? Is there a blog or info post that explains it?
  3. So I have my whole sim centered around the BeYou game. Its a game that has farming plots, we plant seeds, grow plants, harvest. etc. Theres no mod and its impossible to change anything about it. I also use workbenches and blacksmith forges, sawmills, grain mills, composters, beehives, saw horse, wood chopping, grow wood trees for chopping assets, etc. Thats just the stuff I use to make my goods. On the ground floor I have all different themed restaurants. Im a chef in the game and my cooked foods give really good stats for the players who eat it in my restaurants. Its quite involved. The groun
  4. Oh its all my stuff, no renters at all. I had some issue on a 30k prim sim too though. It is only when I went to a 20 that things are running very smoothly.
  5. I had mainland and all my soil plots went wonky and broke. The scripts were too much for Mainland. I wish it were that easy. Also, I don't know if the estate can be adjusted or not because the way people sell they always seem to include if its a 30 or 20. I would think that wouldn't be a factor in advertising if it were easily adjusted. Also, yes I wouldnt love paying more haha!
  6. Yeah I am watching the forums as close as I can. People snatch up the full regions fast. haha I am in a group for full regions sales inworld. Currently am renting a full sim, but I could save about 6k Lindens weekly if I owned it. I will be sitting tight I think, because getting a full island is hard enough, the fact that I need a 20K prim land and not a 30k is making it even harder for me. I am running a beyou community sim where theres farming plots what cannot handle the load of a 30k prim sim. Looks like Im stuck for the time being.
  7. Thanks for the thoughts. I am trying to decide what to do bc I am opening a community sim and would hate to grow traffic and then move everything. Would totally suck. I was hoping to buy something before I open. I am not in a massive rush to open. Its a lot of work to open a developed destination sim. I am watching the threads for private islands but they seem to go super fast. I don't really know the best way to get a sim outside of LL.
  8. Any word yet on when the full private islands will be released other than early fall? Are we getting any closer? Any hints?
  9. Specifically need a 20k prim sim due to script load for BeYou community. Currently renting a full sim. Looking to find something reasonable. Grandfathered would be ideal but not necessary. Price is a factor. If you need to unload your 20K sim please contact me. Ginger Fellini
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