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  1. That is a weird coincidence. I just stopped raising the platform randomly at 4093m. I had no idea what the limit was. Thanks for the info!
  2. Thanks for the response. I'm pretty high up there, 4093 meters. But it only happens with certain objects. Some will go off world, and reappear in my lost and found folder, some just won't rez at all, and some rez just fine. They won't go through the platform when i try moving them with the arrows. And when I change the z value to higher than the platform from the ground, I tp up to find the object stuck under the platform. You think it's just a matter of the platform being too high up?
  3. So I made a platform out of a prim, and I put it in the sky. Most objects will rez fine on it, but some won't. The ones that won't do rez on the ground level. But i can't rez them on ground level and move them up because they won't go through the platform. The platform is the same dimensions as the land plot, so I can't go around it either. Anyone have any idea of what may be causing certain items not to be rez-able and if there's a way around it? Thanks!
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