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  1. No offence, but I don't think you understood my post. We know how to place items, we want to know why objects in a particular region got returned.
  2. My friends own their parcels of land, they don't rent them and as I mentioned they have already submitted a support ticket. Also, it's not just my friends parcels that have been affected, other residents in the Herald region have been affected as well. This appears to be a region-wide issue.
  3. ... if you haven't done so already, log in and take a good look around your parcels of land. Notice anything missing? You will probably notice a LOT of things missing and those missing things are probably sitting in your Lost And Found folder. My friends own several parcels in Herald and as of early this morning at least 99% of their objects are now, you guessed it, sitting in their Lost And Found folders. At least one of my friends has submitted a support ticket regarding this but we were just wondering if anyone else has had this happened to them or has even heard of a similar thing happening. 🙁
  4. Yeah, we've definitely got a list of all of their names. Hopefully LL can do something about them soon. In the meantime, it's ban and report.
  5. First off I apologise if I have posted this in the wrong place, feel free to move it if I have. One of my groups owns a few parcels of Mainland land and over the past couple of days just one of those parcels has been invaded by at least 18 avatars. We can't figure out what the sudden interest could be that is attracting so many avatars in such a short space of time to it. It's just a plain old residential parcel, nothing special, yet these avatars just can't seem to stay away. Has anyone else experienced an invasion of possible bots to their mainland parcels of late? According to my friend who owns the group the land belongs to, after one of these 18 avatars left another one would come out mere seconds later and that's why I'm calling it an invasion. I know you get the odd bot here and there, as well as the odd lost avatar, but 18 almost all at once? Ugh!
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