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  1. hola amigos, me descargue black dragon y lo instale pero cuando le doy a abrir me sale que el programa dejo de funcionar, que solución pueden recomendarme?
  2. Wedding companies can continue to function without the need for a partner, in the end it is an option and not an obligation but I speak for the people who take the partner lightly or the toxicity that arises from it.
  3. Ladies and gentlemen of Linden Lab, this is not a message about sales, it is about proposing to change the price of marriage or partner in the second life, currently it costs 10L to marry and divorce or separate it costs 25L, so everything becomes much more easy, my proposal Currently is that they rise to at least 5 thousand L. Marriage and 20 thousand are due to divorce, having a partner currently in second life has been done lightly among users, if perhaps my figures are high , I invite you to put a figure that you think is fair for users to think twice before choosing a partner.Sincerely, one more Second Life user.
  4. compre una casa ya hecha y decorad pero cuando la compre me dieron un link y el kin me manda a una caja que dice dropbox ¿que debo hacer? cuando presiono no me sale nada
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