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  1. I think you mean Proud Mary. Fuhrbol was released Thursday with only traditionals.
  2. If you have one abandon left within the 24 hours, you would abandon and then not be able to get back on the hunt immediately, if I am thinking correctly. I think you would need to have two abandons left if you were hoping to get in on a release. (?)
  3. You went the extra mile. Some regions were being restarted while I was looking, and I noticed a new Mole in the area (0 days old, and I can't remember his first name), so I wonder if he was naming them while I was there.
  4. Thank you for the extra work. I was too lazy to get the SSPE and number. There's also Blackwater Shoals, but I am not inworld now to see what the SSPE is.
  5. Region names coming up: Proud Mary Hammerhead Light Fuhrbol Allweiss Sario Port Laury Lollipop Blackwater Shoals I think that's it for now. I wonder how they go about naming them (who thinks them up, etc.). I wanna name one!
  6. Your luck is astounding, catching all the various homes!
  7. You don't think others are influenced by the negative comments? Yes, I am ashamed for letting those comments influence me into looking around more when I was fine where I was. And yes, I am definitely embarrassed for those who have to use words such as Beth stated above. If this were real life, there would most surely not be any negative comments about the property in the listing.
  8. Yes, thank you, Sylvia. That is what I meant, the latter. I just decided to wave it off when I realized I was misunderstood.
  9. Uh oh! Now I am enticed to get another premium! 😂
  10. I love pools and you have one on each side of you now! I would have added the one that you did also. Can't have enough pools! Ha. Oh wait, are you in the house or the boat?
  11. I have noticed some poo-pooing of parcels in the past and recently, and it makes me sad. I am ashamed to say that I have been influenced by the negative comments and abandoned a few to seek something I didn't realize was out there until I read comments here. I wish I didn't because I had nice neighbors. Sometimes I feel like I am reading a private entry from someone's journal and feel embarrassed after reading what I think should be private thoughts. I might be silly, but I am in awe of each any every little thing in Bellisseria, and a big WOW and THANK YOU goes out to the Lindens and Moles.
  12. Patch is on vacation right now, but if he were working, 5:00 pm SLT would be 8:00 pm EST, his time. I think he works his "9 to 5" EST, not SLT.
  13. Nothing looked ready. There are still green boxes around the houses, floating text in the houses and the red box above the region.
  14. Was your house at the region's edge? Could it have been the text coming from a house on a next-door region that hasn't been released yet? I noticed that was the case with a house I had.
  15. Wow, stunning indeed...and an abandon! It looks quite peaceful.
  16. To add to this, I was riding my scooter through the dirt roads the other night as the sun was setting, and I am just in awe with what the Lindens/Moles have created as well as the residents with their unique ideas. There were even a couple trailer areas made to look a bit dumpy on purpose by the resident, and even that showed such character. I ran into a few forks in the road where I struggled with which way to turn, afraid to miss something. I had started from Wolfington and worked my way down, opening the map from time to time to make sure I was still headed south and yes, I did get turned around a couple times, but that just lead to more sights. Then it got darker out and the camps started to glow with bonfires, stars, fireflies, Halloween decor, and so much more! I was so immersed that I felt i could hear the gentle lapping of the lake and river waters, the crackling of the fires and even the scent of a cookout. Then a road led straight onto a pier over some water, which caught me off guard, and it turned out to be Lake Tatakaka, where my mouth dropped open even more. It was like I heard a chorus of angels as I approached. LOL. My trek back home was just as amazing, and I apologize if anyone has scooter tracks in their flowerbeds or grass. I could not keep my eyes on the road!
  17. I have noticed with a couple of the recent releases that Patch and Derrick were nowhere in sight. I know Patch started vacation today, but I did not see Derrick as I had in the past, and I was logged out with the "You have been logged out of Second LIfe" thing that gives you the option to read IMs you may have received. In the past, it would be the region-shaking screen telling of an impending restart. I think to myself, "Darn, I crashed," but then gasp, realizing that it might be a release and sure enough...
  18. What?? All waterways have to end somewhere. Why would they take the waterfall out? They would not have put it there in the first place if it was meant to be a passage. Having the waterfall there also makes a nice swim area.
  19. Me too, but I had to ask before I commented that I don't think the Moles would put the waterfall up only to take it down later and possibly disappoint the residents there. I am happy to go back out to sea and find my way to the other side of that waterfall.
  20. You have said this a couple times now about the waterfall. Have you seen waterfalls taken down on other regions?
  21. You should start a thread, "The Shield Markus Linden Home Showcase."
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