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  1. Oh, I was referring to people who talk about checking out the land page from work and having to wait to get home to see where their Bellisseria home is because they are at work. I am not sure what part of the world they live in. I say I am surprised they are able because I am shell shocked from the strict surroundings I had at the previous job and assumed it was that way in most offices. I guess not!
  2. I am surprised so many seem to be able to play GOH from work since a previous job I had watched us like a hawk and had a program that spied on our internet activity. We didn't dare even google anything not work related.
  3. I do use Firestorm and the date and time never showed there for me, but I fixed it with a setting. Thanks!
  4. That is another reason I make the LMs since I used to say "Hey, wasn't I just here or was it next door?" I do A LOT of talking to myself while house hunting. Ha. I forgot about using teleport history. I don't see where to find the time of each landing. Where is that?
  5. I make landmarks of every house I claim as soon as I get there, and if I abandon, I refer to it later to see what time I claimed it (right click on the landmark, then click Properties) if I can't remember when my time out is up. I also use the landmark to try to avoid claiming a house more than once (I map the landmark to see if the house I just had was claimed and if it is, I try to go for the one on the land page.
  6. In chat, he said there are all kinds of hints in this photo including the timing. I see leaves on the trees, so hopefully that means spring and not summer, lol. I also see summery drinks?
  7. When I was reading chat, someone asked about a release and another person said no releases during restarts and then Whitney chimed in and confirmed no releases during restarts but did not say there was no release at all today, so hmmm. 🤷‍♀️
  8. Check the drop down menu to see if Bellisseria is there. In case you didn't know, it's sometimes hidden in the menu.
  9. I was thinking that the mountain landscape is there to separate the traditionals from the Victorians. 🤷‍♀️
  10. I wonder if the resident knows they can rezz other home options on their parcel because their modular/modern home makes no sense. I also noticed a rezzer in the front yard for a camper. Eep.
  11. I noticed the glaring build as well the other day, and it appears that it is being used as the main domicile while the traditional stands empty (or did a couple days ago).
  12. What I do is TP out from under the stairs using the mini map. For those unaware, you can double click on the mini map to TP to your desired destination within the visible range shown on it. I just double click close to my dot and I am out in a flash.
  13. But I want some love too! LOL. I got that one yesterday and held onto it overnight, trying to decide if I want to live on the beach, but I am going to search for woodsy instead.
  14. Eek, we could have gone without this post, huh? 😉
  15. If the one you picked up the other day is Gentle Grove, that used to be mine on an alt that I thought was the one that was the monthly premium, but I was mistaken and let it go by accident (which I am over now lol). I think it's in a unique position which I found really neat with the water on both sides and sitting at a dead-end street. I love uniquely placed homes. I remember your post a few days ago mentioning Gentle Grove.
  16. I just got caught up on the last few hours of posts and just want to comment about the multiple accounts acquiring homes. Folks do it in real life....celebrities for example, with their homes in various countries. Since I am an American, I think of a sandy lot as having a vacation home in a warm climate like Florida. Another home might feel like Colorado in the mountains. My camper feels like a weekend getaway in Michigan. I haven't been able to get away on vacation in a few years, so these homes make for a nice get-away fantasy for me for the time being. Speaking of celebrities, if I h
  17. I had to have a look, and that's not even the worst angle. The structure has no rhyme or reason to it. It was created by the resident living there.
  18. As per Patch on Wednesday, "There will be no more releases until we are back at it in 2020!"
  19. There are no releases on the weekends. There may be abandoned homes popping up, though. 😊
  20. From what I have observed the past few months, Patch being in chat has never really coordinated with a release. He has been promoted and Whitney Linden does the releases now. Also, the last few releases seem to have been later rather than earlier.
  21. You can use more than one search word, can't you? I am not sure which refresher it is, but I even saw someone mention that you can use partial words, too, such as boat.
  22. In case you didn't know, Bellisseria staying at the top of the drop down menu works in the same way that it does when you enter the name for your home and then click the next button. For instance, is you are not looking for a camper, but Bellisseria pops up, click "next" anyway and then go back to the previous page and that will seal it in to appear at the top next time. Also, when a release happens, it may not show at the top the first time, but if you get the "sorry" message and try again, Bellisseria will be at the top of the menu for subsequent tries.
  23. Just as the traditionals, houseboats, and campers have several style choices, maybe the new one will include a cabin as one of the style choices along with a Victorian if that is, indeed, what the hint is. 🤷‍♀️
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