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  1. I don't add my name to the post, it is already there
  2. Ohhh yes that could be it she got a mask yesterday that had an anonymiser attached to it she must be still wearing it Thank you for the help I love this forum
  3. no because she has now said she sees her partner with the tag "that person"
  4. Hi my friend says she doesn't see my group tag, but sees the word "stranger" there instead, what can cause this?
  5. It was his surname and it was a typo more than a spelling mistake
  6. Thank you for all the advice everyone, I have used a group title and solved it for now (and there were enough letters) I just felt really bad that I messed up his name and didn't want to have to wear the wrong spelling for 7 days, but I found the reset option (thanks to advice on here) and now I'm wearing the group tag, so all is well again
  7. No I meant an official way to pay Linden But that's a really good idea about the group thank you so much xx
  8. Thank you I did that, but really wanted to be displaying his name I thought maybe I could pay Linden to do it for me or something?
  9. Anyone know if there is ANY way of changing your display name more than once a week? I just got partnered and spelled his name wrong so need to change it again PLEASE!!
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