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  1. It was his surname and it was a typo more than a spelling mistake
  2. Thank you for all the advice everyone, I have used a group title and solved it for now (and there were enough letters) I just felt really bad that I messed up his name and didn't want to have to wear the wrong spelling for 7 days, but I found the reset option (thanks to advice on here) and now I'm wearing the group tag, so all is well again
  3. No I meant an official way to pay Linden But that's a really good idea about the group thank you so much xx
  4. Thank you I did that, but really wanted to be displaying his name I thought maybe I could pay Linden to do it for me or something?
  5. Anyone know if there is ANY way of changing your display name more than once a week? I just got partnered and spelled his name wrong so need to change it again PLEASE!!
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