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  1. Americans tell all the time to other countries how should they live.
  2. why they? we are civil here. just debating, i don't see anyone insulting the 'other part". only by talking about issues we can solve them. the real problem of the world is when people don't listen to different opinions.
  3. there is no such thing as "white privilege" . There is a majority privilege, yes. And maybe a cultural bias ( here i can quote Denzel Washington: "It's Not Color, It's Culture." try to get a job in an african or asian country if you are not over skilled for your job. Even in same country, white people will hire whites, black business owners will be favorable to black, asians to asians. hell, even is same race, white germans dont like white russians, or polish, or romanians, or whoever come to get a job. and most of the time not because they are racists or xenophobes, but because when dif
  4. they are weird not because they like sex activities or not, it is because they want to forbid others to do it. There many activities in sl i like and many i don't. I don't want those i don't like forbiden. I just chose to do something else.
  5. sorry but in an era when people can get fired or even be acused of hate crimes for dumb jokes posted on social media years ago, how anyone sane can freely have different opinion? they keep their opinions hidden scared as hell for their jobs and lives.There will never be a real debate as long one side have the power to punish the others for the opposite opinions.
  6. Oh, God, please no. Is the only place were, we guys, can play with dolls.
  7. https://www.quora.com/Copyright-Infringement-How-do-authors-feel-when-people-pirate-their-books
  8. when i will click my fingers "you will send all your money to me ". If that works, i am certified.
  9. This is certainly the most honest answer I see here. The problem is not that some have become more or less "WOKE". This is just an invention of politicians that has caught on to the gullible population and brings votes to one party or another, depending on how woke or anti-woke each is. An extraordinary example is the controversial "Gone with the wind". For some it is a film that should be banned because it does not really show what slavery was like in America. For others, it is a work of art that must be preserved and for the fact that he brought the first Oscar to a black person , Hattie M
  10. My grandfather had a cow. She did not know mathematics, trigonometry, algebra, astronomy or chemistry. The cow had a happy life, without worries, in a good clean farm, with good food at her disposal, walked on time, fed on time, milked on time. She didn't know geography and she didn't plan to visit other farms. I'm not even sure she knew it was a cow, much less the stories of her species or the farm she lived on. She didn't know her own anatomy, but in the end, some parts were tasty.
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