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  1. so many words, yet nothing of substance
  2. just offer the items each at a fair price and stop shaking people down for their lindos
  3. lol just start making normal packs and stop shaking down whales
  4. The difference, and this is an important one, is that the buyer knows exactly what they are getting.
  5. In a lot of cases, these gachas were like those quarter machines... but each play only got you part of one of the toys and you had to keep playing until you could assemble the toy
  6. Bye bye, predatory gambling~! I liked the fun toys, but when creators stuff entire outfit collections, broken up by part and colour, it was a bridge too far. Pure scum. Time to stop holding whales upside down and shaking all of their lindos out.
  7. Boo, so that means all my applier stuff is gonna be basically worthless come BoM Okay, some of my most used tattoos have system layers included, so I'm not gonna panic too much. But also a lot of the smaller ones I have don't. Sucks.
  8. If I don't have old system layer stuff, can I just use this Omega BOM with my Omega relays to transfer newer applier stuff to the bake layer? I'm really excited about being able to mix and match a lot of the tattoos and freckles I have but never been able to combine.
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