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  1. Carelessly hazards erotic escapades, rejoice! WHOOP
  2. Somewhat underwhelmed gains acquired roars. LIONS
  3. Monarchs are regally restricted, yes. CROWN
  4. When I joined SL every name I could think of was already taken. Then I tried 'Lyban' and it worked! Later, I remembered that 'Li Ban' was the name of a 6th c. mermaid from Irish mythology. So, in keeping with the name, sometimes I go for a little swim...
  5. I have a feeling I'm going to regret asking this, but inquiring minds need to know. What are 'munches'? (Asking for a *friend* ...) 😉
  6. Flees in xenophobic exit dash. S T R A Y
  7. Dandy outfits get good yells. G O W N S
  8. Gaslighting anxiety nurtures emotional vampires. LEECH
  9. Full explanation invokes greater nicety. S M I L E
  10. Curiously observe mythological beings slumber. F A I R Y
  11. Efficiency in kitchen or nothing. C H E F S
  12. Does observe gaps in etiquette. C O U T H
  13. An intriguing rendition, throat singing. COUGH
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