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  1. Tres Beau has some beautiful Catwa Asian skins as well as Genus. Some of the skins come with shapes. Amara Beauty has some pretty Asian skins for Catwa and Genus. They use their shape set for these. One of the newest for Catwa is Jia. In the back of the store,there are a couple older skins that have an Asian look. There are some good shapes available from West End on marketplace; a couple from Elle et Lui on marketplace; Lilo's fit on marketplace. These shapes recommend skins to be used with the shape as well. K&K shapes also has several pretty Asian shapes. Egozy has a few skins with an Asian look - a few of the skins have shapes as well. SAP has a beautiful Blasian shape that goes with a skin from Tres Beau. Bellah Shapes has some shapes that could be considered close to Asian. Pink Fuel's skin Liya has a monolid option for an Asian look. Good luck, thank you for posting. I am looking forward to the replies.
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