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  1. The funny part is now he still thinks I am his 24/7 and expects me to search through all his avatars to see if he is online. I told him a flat out NO! Am absolutely not spending my time on Second life going through a couple dozen avatars to see if he is on.
  2. I was locked down by my former Master so I could not teleport away, inventory blocked so I could not dress, talk to anyone but him, blindfolded and gaged etc. Then he would teleport away to do something else or log off leaving me trapped. It isn't cheating to know how to get RLV off when it is being misused. RLV really isn't needed since most adult furniture comes with cuffs build in or find a pair on marketplace. All it takes is a little roleplaying. Thank you Drakonadrgora Darkfold for sharing this.
  3. He has a billion avatars many of which I don't know. Would be impossible to block them all. He would just make new ones.
  4. It has been about 4 months and am glad I put my foot down and said no more. I have things on Second Life that I enjoy doing and he was not willing to be flexible about me going places. I got tired of the guilt trip he put on me about not wanting to spend time with him because I was running all over Second Life. That spending time doing these other things was more important to me then spending time with him. That he sits alone all the time. These things make me happy and if he cared about me like he said he did he would of not had an issue with it. It shows that he is only thinking of
  5. I knew someone on second life that wanted girls to voice chat to prove they were a woman and not a man behind the avatar. Honestly unless your going to get really serious with this person then it really doesn't matter. Your there to fulfill a fantasy and nothing more.
  6. It is about control and I put distance between us that I found my own place. In the past we had rented with others but the tier was $15000 lindens a week for one person. That is more then I can afford and more then not didn't pay on the land. Not that I really had much of a say as a submissive slave in saying anything about the land picked. We ended up splitting from the other two and I found a nice land that I could afford on my own. There was an issue with trees coming onto our land from a neighbor's land. Personally didn't see the big deal of this because it wasn't effecting anything on our
  7. A big part of the problem is that I have other interest like working, spending time with my sl family and learning. He wishes me to ask before I go anywhere The problem with this is if he don't come on to ask I have to miss out and if he comes on he gives me this fine, go. I will just sit here alone. I am not responsible for his happiness on second life. He is the reason he pushed me away with him being so controlling. I have had one other Master in my past and he allowed me to have a life apart from him.
  8. Ok he is saying that being a submissive/slave can be the same thing and gave me this link to this site. http://www.leathernroses.com/submission/moonfyrebeautyofsub.htm I have told him i do not wish to role play as a slave. Is there really no difference or is this just not how it works and there is a difference between the two.
  9. Also came up with another issue that he thinks that he can change the title of the girl from submissive to slave with out consent of the girl. He claimed at one time to be a rl Master but doesn't know the difference between what a bdsm submissive is and a gor slave is. He thinks they are interchangable. There is also the issue of doing things like rp a teacher, spending time with my sl children and going to events that interest me that I am not allowed to do. When I ask him he makes me feel bad for asking saying fine I will sit here alone. I know this is not how being a submissive is suppose t
  10. Is it normal for a Master to need to know all of your avatars? Can a contract be changed and if so how do you with a Master that refuses to make any changes in the rules because you agreed to them when you first became his submissive.
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