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  1. Decided to go ahead and put a pic up! And you're right! The picture looks pretty clean as I can tell the difference (shadows vs non-shadows)
  2. So I decided to post an update to how my journey has been thus far far with creating my avi. As you see up above is the BEFORE and now here's the AFTER: How does she look? I feel like I'm making a lot of progress on this journey and thank you to everyone who reached out to give tips, links to in world places, etc. Although, I have yet to make full strides in customizing galore yet, I still need help. The eye color that I originally had with the head changed after I put the Maitreya mesh body on. I assume the reason behind that could be due to Maitreya coming with a set pre loaded eyes? Or I could be wrong. But the question I have is: Can the eyes be changed when need be?
  3. Thank you for information! I was wondering about why my avi's feet changed along side the color of the eyes once I put Maitreya on.
  4. Thanks everyone who helped! This forum is a miracle in the sky! Thank you so much to everyone who reached out for all you help on this. I might post an update or two of how my journey with avatar has been thus far
  5. Okay, thanks! As of now, I have got matching skin for my entire body! Thanks to everyone that posted on the forum! That's a start, right? I might post an update, as I still might questions about things
  6. Is the matching skin sets at LAQ? And I'm currently looking for a mesh body, just don't know where to start as I've been to the LAQ, CATWA, and Belleza stores so far.
  7. Thank you for the helpful info! Now I have an idea of what bodies each place has. Onto to the demos I guess.
  8. When you say that, do you mean that the body skin is separate from the head skin? And would I have to buy that separate? As it still seems that my head skin does not match up to body skin.
  9. When you say this, do you mean getting the same skin that goes with the same head? It seems like the skin was preloaded.
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