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  1. I am the happy Avatar ( my Alt). And I am more than happy I almost can´t believe it-so gorgeous. Many thanks for the Rosemary Corners release tip @xrockinfree. perfect timing:)
  2. What is the current situation at the boat market? During the big release (very late though) I swapped my Trad for a Vic. Actually, that's because I couldn't find a trad I wanted to keep. So I tried my last shot of the day with a Vic. And the first Vic I got was on Dunbar with sea view, so I kept it immediately ;). Shortly after that the offer to Vic became rarer.Guess I was lucky. My Main has a boat since August and here I am more carefully. I really like to go to an area with only boats and beach. At the moment I have a good place with good view. Though not at the end of the row with even more sea view ;). That would be a dream. It's just that I daren't. Maybe the big move after the big release is over now? Therefore the question to the professionals Hopper ;Are there still boats available and if so is it only the "new" area from december? or the whole Bellisseria continent? Maybe I should wait until there is another major release and/or a new theme? I'm brooding🤔
  3. Congratulation Leora A lot of movements around my new home. My neighbour across the street moved into the first row. Neigbour on the left changed too today.My neighbor on the right changed twice today. For a long while it stands on Gouverneur Linden and has also an new owner. An Leora got her home i the first row I continue to build and tinker unimpressed in the middle of it.😉
  4. You've been lucky so many times. I don't doubt you'll also find your dream house. Don't give up.
  5. Same with me;)-As I give up these nice spot in Allweiss (on Wednesday if I remember right) I regreted so much...that I decided some hours later to upgrade my litlle gardening girl Alt Premium for a year. Sadly I could´t get a spot in Sario. But now luckily I got a very nice space in Blackwater.I was so surprised-so much luck and so much specials there;) View to the lighthouse, left from my house a little stairway to the beach.The beach areas in front of the house.The balcony faces to the beach with a very lovely view..and ...and Blackwater_01_002 by Moe McAlpine, auf Flickr Blackwater_01_005_001 by Moe McAlpine, auf Flickr Although I was looking for a green Garden it feels right on this place. So for all still searching for a home. It is not impossible. There are soo many nice places.All with an own charmy style. Good luck to all refresher.
  6. Blackwater Shoals released Got one-will take a look- so exiting:)
  7. The house on the beach just next to the rezz zone? Thats happened to me, too. Released it. And also see a camper cruising through the refreshing-zone😉
  8. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Allweiss/63/26/28 Not an easy decision;) Give it back in 5 Minutes-9:05 SLT Edit: It is gone in between 1 minute happy new owner will love it , hopefully
  9. I already have a houseboat; and...(whispering...) a homestead. And I haven´t finished decorate the boat and the homestead is a hopeless construction area. This was my trying month;) Another month to decide--oh, how nice..okay another month...I can imagine how this ends But well, I don´t have that much time to make it a really nice place This little place deserves a better owner;) I think I will give it back.
  10. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Allweiss/63/26/28 I grabbed this. But now I have to decide if I want to keep it. Premium for my little Gardening-Girl-Alt has only 1 day left;) And honestly I dont´t need a house. My main likes the houseboat. But is it really lovely and it would be nice to try out living in a house--hmm.
  11. That was my idea, too. I was thinking about changing my houseboat when the campers would be released. But I'm having a hard time with this decision for my one and only premium No guarantee of getting another nice one. Yesterday I wasn't feeling well and went to bed early. So I missed all the excitement. That doesn't make the decision any easier. (( What are the chances of another nice houseboat place?. I might have to get braver... I have to think about...(meditative)) Congrats to all campers and happy ones who have moved
  12. My experience: is its harder to get a housbeboat than a house. And it makes me a little sad to hear such derogatory words about my region. I was so happy to get a houseboat. And it's on the Squishy Pickle.(see the nice picture from @karynmaria) I also have a nice view and a weekend feeling. It is for the very rich SL Residents 😉. A place to spend the weekend recovering from your stressful life on your homestead. Yes-thats the fact. However, if you follow this thread it is hard not to be unsettled (right word?). Sometimes I tought -grab your bagage and try to find a better place. Perhaps I am not brave enough and I have only one premium. It is not so easy to find a houseboat at all. I´m curious it there will be more houseboats in the future and how they integrate into the landscape. Maybay I`ll move and risk beeing homeless for a while-we will see. So until now, I am living on my Squishy-Pickle- Houseboat and enjoy the peace, the silence and relaxe. (Btw 2: In Germany this word has also a slightly different meaning due to the history and it hasn´t changed so much in the meantime Be carfully how to use it.)
  13. Like karynmaria mentioned I noticed also that people gave up their place for some reasons all over the day. And it is easier to get an abondan as a new release one. I also got an abandon houseboat in a region that is not so popular (Bilgewater). and I was not sooo lucky at first. But after I was there a few days and then compared with the newer regions (e.g. Kahuna I found was very nice) I decided that my place is the better one for me. I like the nice view and the feeling on this little island. I also have only 1 premium and the risk would be too high for me (and my nerves )😉. Maybe in a few weeks/months I`ll play lottery again, who knows. If you follow the advices I am sure you will quickly find a nice home. There often came up beautiful places during the day and I hope you will find a nice home soon Be prepared- because I was so surprised as I read Bellisserian the first time on the page I almost did not react (state of shock ). And I saw a house AND a boat and had to dial fast. And for the next times, because the Agreement Button is so small, I made the website much bigger for me to have a chance to click very fast.
  14. oups gotta houseboat...ähhm...Bilgewater.Surprise. Not the area I wanted, but it is a houseboat.Will take a look.
  15. I guess thats the problem perhaps it is the boat Morena released? This is the only area I dont want a boat-hmm
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