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  1. I met my skybox neighbour about 10 years back. we had a really lovely & hot year or so together. then, as it often does, RL took her. we kept in touch via facebook [our real selves], and caught up face to face a few years back, over coffee. I'm glad and lucky that we became RL friends. Lucky, as I've heard some sad stories from others.
  2. Best I ever had was when I had been dating a girl I'd met thru SL. Once, we set up a laptop next to the bed, both avvies logged in and slex'ing, as we matched the positions IRL. Worst, far too many to remember, but agreed, lack of emoting was usually the reason. If I wanted to have sex with someone who would just lie there, barely moving, and just grunting now & then, I'd have stayed with my ex-wife ;)
  3. The inworld test has moved to: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gianno/125/113/601 Def some terrific animations. Nice to see a couple that I like IRL that I so rarely see in SL scripting. And it's mod, so you can change out the admittedly bland textures. Side note re mod: the bed itself seems a little smaller than most. I found it's possible to stretch it a little larger, without affecting the relative position of the poses.
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