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  1. 12 hours ago, KikiJadyn said:

    i did see something at my walmart store today for $359.00 and it had ryzen graphics

    Sounds like one of the little Ryzen APU laptops, of which there are many. Should be a good choice for SL, see if you can find a similar one on sale anywhere because they tend to frequently go on sale and drop below the $300 mark.

    Any of them with the Ryzen 3200u and 8gb of ram or better will do just fine.

  2. Don’t bother referencing the system requirements page, it’s absolutely useless.

    For a kinda base line on what will play SL well, anything with Intel HD 620, try to get an 8th gen Mobile i5 quad core or better processor. Look up the processor names on google and check the Intel Ark website to see the details, i5-8xxx, look for quadcores. 
    HD 620 being the common integrated graphics for these mobile processors, it’s good enough, it’ll handle the graphical side of SL decently well. 
    16gb of ram is ideal but 12 or 8 will still work, just with 8 you might have some difficulty multitasking or running multiple viewers at once. 
    If you’re looking into something with a dedicated GPU, you won’t find many AMD mobile gpu options that aren’t Apple or some rare few mobile workstations anyway, and the dedicated gpu options for AMD are kinda out of date. There’s a little bit more going on there, but the reason say a Radeon 540 mobile gpu exists is not for gaming performance but for things like gpu acceleration in 3D rendering. It’s better at a task like that, but otherwise those mobile RX video chips aren’t that impressive.

    On the Nvidia side you’ll find the more common options, anything with a Mobile GTX 1050 or better, that will vastly outperform Intel HD620 on the graphical side, might not be a necessity though and depending on your budget, a dedicated gpu in a laptop tends to increase the price a lot. Avoid the MX110/130, don’t get a 940MX, a GTX 1650, 1660 or 1660ti are good options.


    tl;dr look for anything with a quadcore 8th gen i5 or better, 16gb of ram, HD 620 or a mobile GTX 1050/1650 or better


    for the un tl;dr if you want to get really picky, IPS 1080p displays only, don’t buy anything you can’t upgrade the ram in, don’t buy anything with a mechanical hard drive, read customer reviews extensively to find if there’s a common problem with whatever laptop you go with 

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  3. 11 hours ago, KikiJadyn said:

    Yeah I'm gonna save up some money and get my newer updated laptop then.. one with the right ram and graphics card.. so I  guess i need a Nvidia or Radeon or Ryzen I guess from what i saw doing some online research for gaming laptops.. But man they aren't cheap even the lower end ones are up there too.. Ugh. whoever said to be careful what you wish for got it wrong because I have been wishing for money for a while and haven't gotten jack sh*t for it.. Have a nice evening everyone and thanks for the input..:)


    If You just want “playable” on the super cheap, pick up anything newer than 2nd gen Intel. Old business laptops are dirt cheap.

    Thinkpad T420 (14” size), T520 (15”), X220 (13” small), or W520 (giant ass workstation).

    Theyre all 2nd gen mobile i3/i5/i7. With Intel HD3000 graphics. Nothing impressive, the machines are from 2011. But they cost about 100$ tops all ready to go and will make SL more playable. Nothing where you’re gonna be maxing settings and seeing 60fps, but medium/low settings to get 15-20fps in most places. 
    They’re abundant on eBay, there’s an endless supply of off-lease business laptops.

    Anything newer as well, the naming scheme for Thinkpads goes with the generation. T420 is 2nd gen, T430 is 3rd gen, T440 is 4th gen, etc. Performance only goes up with each generation but sandy bridge 2nd gen is the base line.

    For comparisons sake, your current laptop is in the Late Core2duo generation and it’s on the low end, late 2000’s type of stuff. It only runs SL on a technicality, as in it will technically run. But it’s not gonna be a great experience. I ran SL on a similar age laptop but a generation back, mid Core2duo era stuff with a slightly weaker integrated graphics chipset, saw maybe 2-3fps on a good day in the majority of places on the minimum settings.

  4. 4 hours ago, NiranV Dean said:

    SL does not utilize the GPU much past a GTX 600 series which is why i said what i said. Most important for a proper SL is not the GPU power (going from a GTX 600 series upwards) but rather the amount of VRAM your GPU has because all the GPU power means jack sh** if you experience texture thrashing all the time. Which you will do with 2GB.

    SL does utilize your gpu, just not well. 2gb is plenty and doesn’t cause texture thrashing in I would argue the vast majority of places, I rarely top 700mb of vram usage in this game but I don’t hang out in super detailed places all day.

    Again with this generalization, I’m not even gonna be nice about this because it’s just outright misinformation, where is this hard line at “GTX 600 series” coming from? You know the 700 series stuff right after it doesn’t start straight after GTX 680 performance? If all you need is a 600 series card, better not get a performance equivalent part for a cheaper price. Why get a 1050ti if you can get a 680 which performs the same but at like three times the wattage? That’s dumb.

    The point here is not what a person needs, if that was the case Id tell them to buy an i5 2400 and a 560ti for a grand total of 100$. It’s a matter of the parts being new and common.

    Nobody is selling a GTX 6xx brand new, there is no point in mentioning them at all because they are irrelevant to the discussion of a pc purchase for SecondLife in the year 2020.

    Heres whats commercial relevant for consumer computers right now: Ryzen 2nd and 3rd gen, Intel 8th and 9th gen, Nvidia Pascal and Turing, AMD Polaris and RDNA.

    On the hard drive thing, similar issue. It’s 2020, they are dead. Welcome to the god damn future, any newer pc these days is running nvme, it’s been a consumer norm for a few years now, your mass storage is relegated to sata solid state drives, usually older tech ones. The only thing a mechanical hard drive is for these days is if you have a massive amount of crap to back up.

    Its not a matter of SL not needing, which it does anyway, it’s that it’s no longer a relevant technology.

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  5. 2 hours ago, KikiJadyn said:

    Hi guys sorry i ran that Speccy thing that someone suggested and here's what it says : Operating system :windows 10  Pro 64 bit  CPU: Intel pentium T4200 @2.0 Ghz RAM: 3.00GB Dual channel DDR2 @ 333MHz  Motherboard: AsusTek Computer Inc. K50IJ    * Graphics: Generic PnP Moniter, Intel Mobile Intel 4 Series Express chipset Family     Storage: 931 GB Seagate ST1000LM024 HN-M101MBB,     Optical Drives: MATSHIDA DVD RAM UJ880AS   Audio: High Definiton Audio Device    Thats the specs i guess I don't know wha t it all means so, if someone could help to tell me plus,  I am saving up some money to upgrade with paypal but it is going to take me a few months because surveys don't pay that good but at least its something.. I wish I could just come into some money then i wouldn't have to worry about it at all.. So, yeah those numbers and letters are what speccy came up with.. I know the laptop is old but i have logged iun before aNd pl;ayed although it was reaalllllyyy laggy and i could barely walk around but at least I was logged in.. 😕

    There’s nothing to do with this tbh, it could play SL but you’ll need to run Linux or Windows 7 at the newest just for the sake of video drivers.

    SL will run on it and ive run it on lower end hardware even, but it’s barely playable. Even if you got SL running on this laptop it wouldn’t be a pleasant experience.

    There are no upgrades to do, no cpu change or more ram or whatever is going to make it playable. Look into a new laptop.

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  6. 50 minutes ago, NiranV Dean said:

    Harddrive: Doesn't matter to SL. If its loaded its loaded, loading times don't matter. If you want to be able to use the Viewer and not have a powerpoint slide-show you'll want to look for the above 3 mainly.

    Cache, whatever SL sets up its cache file on will affect load times for previously saved content. Regardless mechanical hard dives in 2020 are exclusively for bulk storage, and even then it’s usually worth it to get a sata SSD at least.

    nvme is the only way to go if building or buying a new pc

    To touch on the other subjects, vram is a terrible metric for gpu performance, as is raw generation generalizations. A 2gb GTX 960 will still do fine and will outperform a 4gb 1050ti. Just the same a 3gb 1060 would beat both or the 4gb variant of the 960.

    Anything over 1gb wont see many texture issues from my experience unless you’re at extremely high draw distances. About the minimum you can even get anymore is 2gb anyway but don’t go out and buy a Polaris radeon pro duo because 32gb of vram = more good.

    To detail the Ryzen 5 stuff more, the 1600AF is like 85$ usually and performs like an R7 2700, it’s a 2nd gen die with a 1st gen name sold in gen 3 for some reason but they’re dirt cheap 6 core processors and if you can find one, get one. Their downside is that they’re made out of B stock dies, and aren’t made often, so when they show up and amd sells them, retailers go through them fast.

    There are other things to consider in a desktop as well but it’s more of a concern if OP would want to build their own. Otherwise, Ryzen 5, gpu for your choice of resolution and settings, 16gb of faster ddr4, NVMe SSD.

    Details on a laptop have already been mentioned and they posted another thread about that as well.

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  7. 3 hours ago, Elena Core said:

    Thank you for all your great suggestions. I've been reading about all those concepts, because they are totally new to me. Some of the options seems a bit expensive, but if it's good quality, I don't mind spending on them

    So, If I got it right, some of you consider SL would always run better on a regular PC rather than on a laptop, because of the graphic card? 

    For price to performance, yeah. A desktop is optimal for that and you can tailor it a bit more to your needs 

    a laptops price increase comes in the form of portability, raw specs wise a 1000$ current gaming laptop would be blown entirely out of the water by a 1000$ desktop, but you can’t carry around a desktop that easily

    Parts wise for a desktop is a different mater. The kinda goto right now is any Ryzen 5 processor + 16gb 3200mhz or faster ddr4, and then whatever gpu fits your graphical needs. 1080p don’t bother with anything above a 3gb GTX 1060 or even a 1050ti. For 1440p look into an RTX 2060 super or 1660ti, for 4k go for an RTX 2070 super or radeon 5700xt or better. Everything else pretty much stays the same, because a Ryzen 7 processor is just a 5 with more cores, which most stuff won’t need and definitely not secondlife.

    Ryzen 5 3600 + 1660ti, check for that combo or anything similar, R5 2600, R5 1600AF (not a regular 1600 though).


    On the lower end, Ryzen 3 3200g + GTX 1050ti or RX 560 or anything similar, 2200g, R3 1200. Gpu wise there’s also the 3gb 1060 still or the newer Radeon RX 5500xt

    Intel cannot compete at the moment and anything other than the i7 9700k on team blue is a terrible choice as amd is outperforming with lower wattage and cheaper processors at every other price point.

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  8. 2 hours ago, Alwin Alcott said:

    for a normal SL user this is overkill

    1 hour ago, Lillith Hapmouche said:

    Feel free to present a less equipped laptop capable of providing a joyful SL usage experience.

    And stop comparing desktop components to mobile ones. 🙄

    I quote Lilith here to answer her as well. While certainly anything with Intel HD620/630 or any of the current Ryzen mobile APUs will handle SL just fine and dandy, 1080p normal settings, might drag a bit with a lot of people but otherwise fine.

    It would still be preferable to have a system with a dedicated gpu. At the minimum that’s a mobile 1050 and mobile i5/i7. That will do whatever you want in SL without issue, handle more complex stuff and is a good buying guideline.

    However the current all purpose gaming laptop without getting into super high end stuff involves a mobile 1660. That’s what you get. And nothing with a mobile 1660 will have less than a quadcore i5, 8th gen maybe, 9th gen most commonly. You’re not gonna find a lower end option that’s actually worth buying, anything with an MX110 is barely better than HD620, an MX130 is just a mobile 1030 and it’s not a good value choice.

    I know what can and can’t play SL well. If the goal is just “it runs”, buy a Thinkpad T420 with Hd3000 and at least 4gb of ram. It’ll run SL, it’ll run ok at best, and it’ll cost about 80$ and last another decade on its already 9 year life, but it’s not the best choice overall, just economically.

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  9. 4 hours ago, Alwin Alcott said:

    if you put that in a pentium ll pc you'd still be screwed .. too easy answer.

    Anything that comes with a dgpu to begin with is probably already an adequately specced laptop otherwise.

    Wont find a mobile GTX 1050 paired with a dual core ULV Pentium and 2gb of ram.

    To make a more specific suggestion for OP, read reviews, don’t buy anything with a mechanical hard drive, quadcores are the bare minimum. A mobile GTX 1050 is about as low as you can go reasonably with a gaming oriented laptop anyway, and it’ll do SL fine. Right now the popular entry level option with a slightly newer mobile gpu is anything with a 1660ti and 9th gen i5/i7. Nvme ssd’s ideally, look for ips displays in whatever size you’d prefer. If I had to suggest a very specific model, get a Gigabyte Aero.

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  10. The math is more complicated but in simple terms what it does is run a script that randomly selects a number, usually a high range of numbers.

    say 1-1000, 1-600 or so will net a common roll, it rolls again and the number will then correlate to an item in the common list.

    So you roll 550, then 230 or something. If there’s 4 items then 1-250 is item 1, 251-500 is item 2, 501-750 is item 3 and 751-1000 is item 4.

    On the first roll it Works for each tier with a smaller and smaller range of numbers for each tier of rarity, a common may be 1-600, uncommon could be 601-850, rare could be 851-980, and then the ultra rare would be 981-1000.

    Then as above, it rolls again for the specific item as whatever numbers correlate to it.

    There are other things that make the items limited sale, won’t copy after a certain amount of wins or only stays around for a limited time, so there’s a finite supply.

    Its a lot more complex than that but that’s basically how most of them roll an item you win.

    With this being SL, if there’s a problem with the scripting then you might not get anything, machine borked. If there’s a recorded item pay out history then the owner will be able to check the transactions and times and see if you did or didn’t get an item, they can refund you or potentially give you what you won if the script for the roll worked and the payout didn’t.


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  11. To simplify my posts, the audience for SL is there, people want a casual creation game where you can do whatever you want.

    But SL is archaic in its implementation. The creation features need to be changed, the monetization aspect of the game needs to be changed, the engine of the game needs to be changed.

    Because content creation is too complex for a casual user to figure out easily, everything requires L$, and the game runs like complete ass.

    Change the game to be more friendly to that audience, advertise directly to that audience, and SL will receive that audience. 

    What does SL sit at every day, 50k users under peak hours? Slice off even a tiny portion of Robloxs daily user base, provide the older users with a more detailed creation platform, there’s a lot to take from 20 million active users at any given time. Add that to hobbyist modelers, aspiring game designers, even just people looking for a virtual platform for artwork. Properly advertise to the right people, via the right YouTube sponsors, advertisements or twitter and google ads, plenty of people will play SL.

  12. 8 minutes ago, ClariceRose said:

    Regarding games like Roblox, etc, those are trendy things. They'll soon die out. But, guess how their userbase grew? Word of mouth. 

    >trendy things 

    more like constant extreme growth since 2015. When i first played as a kid in 2008 there there 1.1 million accounts. They’re up to about 950 million now, and still going.

    Their userbase originally grew via word of mouth but also YouTube advertisements, banner ads on flash game websites, they also got in early to a social media presence. These days they’re massively advertised on YouTube, they have irl merch that kids buy, they even have TV advertisements. They are far from being shared via word of mouth by this point.

    Its not good enough for SL. We need features that draw in users and we need to advertise those features to the audience that will want them. Make content creation simple and easy, advertise the easy to use virtual world where you can do anything. A 5 second youtube ad does more for Roblox than little Johnny telling his cousin about the cool new online legos game these days.

    Think of Blender tutorial and showcase you tubers. Their audience is people interested in 3D modeling and casual creation. Stick an unstoppable 5 second ad about SecondLife in their videos and you’d get a lot of ad views towards a user base that would enjoy something like SL for the content creation aspect.

    Pic related:


    get SL on this guys ad provider list or sponsor him, that’s 1.1m subscribers, that’s 1.1m people exposed to SL at minimum, not including the audience that isn’t subscribed.

    ”Learn how to use your blender creations in a virtual world, SecondLife”

    But off topic, considering Roblox or VRChat trendy and something that will die off soon is a very out of touch view. Every single kid under the age of 15 plays Roblox, and due to the age of the game, chances are a solid portion of anyone in their mid 20’s has played it at some point. It brings in a stupid amount of revenue, to the extent that developers of the larger and more popular games on the platform are no longer offering virtual currency as payment for new talent, they’re offering 5 figure salaries:

    What SL property, club, rental, whatever is pulling in enough money via cash outs to fund a 40+ member development team with 60k USD a year?

    VRchat is a different story, they got in as first and most usable for a virtual world with virtual reality headsets. Headsets being optional but if you want to wear your VR setup and do whatever in a virtual world, you do it in VRChat. They ain’t going anywhere unless someone can compete. While VR is far from an everyday technology it’s not going anywhere any time soon.

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  13. 42 minutes ago, FairreLilette said:

    Roblox is very redundant in the video I watched of it.  It was just running your avatar through doors, tunnels and up and down stairs continuously to kill robots, and that is all I saw.  It was very redundant

    Roblox is a platform for user created games, there’s all sorts of whatever you want to make. It has a pretty good range of tools with a capability for detail and content created on par with SL. Mesh stuff, flexible objects, interactable things, guis both onscreen and on objects, etc

    Theyre working currently on voxel based lighting and path traced lighting, realistic shadows and such. They’ve just recently implemented ingame video streaming plugins.

    The studio program has user created plugins for assistance in building, a lot of its functionality is mimicking blender, insert a brick, turn it into whatever you want.

    They have 6 and 15 segment bodies for avatars now, but users have worked in higher complexity ones for more human like avatars, with a few games implementing 36 or 128 segment bodies for full limb, torso, neck and hand articulation.

    The point I’m trying to make before I get too off topic here, is that there a virtual world game with 20 million daily active users playing it.

    What do they have that has drawn that userbase in?

    -it’s stupidly easy to use and learn to create, anyone can figure it out and make a simple game, and the continue to learn and make more and more complex stuff

    -it runs well, it’s a well optimized game, even super complex stuff and horrendously detailed builds and content run smoothly on even low end hardware 

    -mobile, it has a mobile version to play the games 

    -the game content creation aspect is entirely free, you can make whatever you desire without paying a dime, avatar stuff to create you need their membership but there’s no additional fees or anything

    I actually have a short video I recorded ages ago about the lighting changes they were implementing into the game, it kinda shows off the studio program a bit and it’s ease of use.

    This is why they have so many users. It’s non complex but can give you detailed results, you can make something super simple like that demo build I had, or you can make a fully fleshed our first person shooter with the same graphical complexity and feel of something like an older call of duty title, the tools are there. It’s not one set level of user creation complexity that’s behind dozens of menus and fees for importing stuff and mountains of documentation and guides, throw this at literal children and they figure out how to make games.

    Thats why they have 20 million active daily users, and it’s something linden labs should be looking at to improve SL. Clearly there is a market for a game where people can make whatever they want, it just needs to be easier for a new player to learn, that will draw in users.

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  14. 6 hours ago, lucagrabacr said:

    , that SL can be perceived as THE virtual world again for the modern era if LL can navigate well enough 

    We gotta beat out two other massive games.

    1) VRchat

    Note they’re only 3 years old and average about 8K players online at any given time, usually peaks around 10k. There are a minuscule number of bots, next to nobody is afk. What are they doing that we need to do?

    2) Roblox

    Target audience omitted , they’re up to over 20 million average players online at any given time. The single top popularity game right now has 304 thousand people playing.

    Now what did they do right, that’s what SL should be trying to do. I can list some stuff but it’s a more complicated situation there. To tldr what they have for a virtual world, it’s instanced and non seamless, it runs on anything and it runs super well, it allows complexity to go from super simple (virtual legos) to super complex (theoretically has the capability to look like fancier SL places but it’s time consuming to do so). It’s all user created, monetization and currency cash outs are easy, and it’s incredibly easy to learn to create in.

    If Roblox had a version specifically for users 15+ and 18+ like SL content levels, give it a year and half of the SL userbase would vanish to play Roblox of all things. I can’t even joke about it, because the tools are there, people have created some super detailed stuff, but since the majority of the userbase is kids it’s generally kept pretty simple, since the average 9 year old doesn’t really care if their virtual lawn chair looks like a real one down to the plastic molding flashing.

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  15. 3 hours ago, KikiJadyn said:

    I think it is saying my graphics card isnt good enough to run secondlife and i need a newer laptop with a nvidia graphics card or a radeon or whatever the really good ones are.... but it used to let me log in before 

    What are your current specs?

    Easiest way is to use speccy to get the system information, post a screenshot of that here.

    Some other people have been mentioning similar problems with firestorm recently.

  16. 1 minute ago, FairreLilette said:

    Another reason my family and friends love their cell phone so much is it's their camera.  Shoot and share....shoot and share.  It's everything in an instant now.  

    If Photoshop came out with a super easy way to make a 3D object...that could spark some interest.  I don't like Blender...for help..it's almost 10 dollars a month and I have to give them (the Blender people) my bank info.  I didn't want to do that.  


    you pay money for blender help?


    Anyway, the program you’re looking for is called Autodesk Maya.

    The more organic of 3D modeling and animation suites, Fusion 360 and Inventor can do it, but in the same way you can make a pillow in Solidworks, they’re not really meant for anything non mechanical. Autodesk is the Adobe of 3D, they are the standard, it’s what everyone uses. Just the same as no professional business is photo editing with GIMP, no professional business is modeling with Blender. They’re using Autodesk stuff.

    Regular old AutoCAD can do 3D stuff as well but it’s a lot more complicated and if you don’t know what you’re doing, use maya. It’s in the same realm as blender but it’s a lot easier to use, minimal extensions and plugins to get things to work right. Blender is like using a Swiss Army knife to take apart a computer, it’ll do the job, you might end up using some tools the wrong way to get the right results, half of it you won’t use and chances are you’ll take forever doing it.

    But Maya is having a tool cabinet with everything you would ever need, specialized in any way, ready at your fingertips in neatly organized drawers.

    But while the Swiss Army knife was 10$ on sale at Walmart, the proper tool set came with a bill measuring up similarly to the cost of a decent used car.

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  17. It’s only really a concern to those working as escorts with voice, a separation of SecondLife and real life let’s you do whatever you want.

    Outside of that more “real life involved” sexual atmosphere, nobody cares. Regardless of your voice or avatar or anything else, do what you want to do and be who you want to be.

    Hell, I play male and female avatars all the time, though dominantly female. And people always say they can tell I’m a guy, and then also say they can tell I’m a girl when I play as a guy, little do they know that there’s 2 people using this account and they’re both wrong and right at the exact same time.

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  18. The chances of you finding something like this are slim to none tbh. Just to be fully honest.

    Consider that older members in general are a very small minority in the greater furry community to begin with, and those within it who play SecondLife are a small minority as well, it’s trying to find the small group that fits both categories and I doubt there’s enough to where there would be regular gatherings of any sort.

    I would suggest asking around various popular furry locations for anyone who’s of a similar age who is already in a group, or potentially to try and start one. Otherwise there are plenty of other locations that will cater to the age demographic you’re looking for more, but they won’t be furry centric, I doubt they would care about your avatar, but might fit comfortably into those scenes a bit better.

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  19. There is no new audience to get this game to. And for the younger audience there are more desirable options that they’re already involved in because they were way more public, specifically VRChat.

    All social games kinda died off 10ish years ago, it was due to a lot of things, rise of mobile devices, social media being more popular, death of the decentralized internet. SecondLife and Habbo and Smallworlds or whatever were no longer appealing to new users since they weren’t really looking for social interaction anymore, with everyone on Facebook and MySpace and all.

    Theres no real reversing things like that, maybe one day people will want to play social games again but for now the small audience that does is already in their niche (all of us here) or they’re playing VRChat because it was the most publicized option.

    Putting SL in the cloud is pretty vague, technically it’s already in the cloud, we just don’t use that terminology. I highly doubt they mean remote streaming, and linden lab couldn’t afford to run SL on something like amazon servers instead of their own. The only ways to improve performance at this point are extensive engine work or restricting the complexity and detail of user created content, no more 10mb of uncompressed textures and 2 million polygons in a single lawn chair. I don’t care if that lawn chair looks like the face of god, it visibly reduces my framerate.

    This games engine is patchwork that’s been built up on for pretty much the games entire existence, it was really impressive when it was new but it was designed for single core processors and video cards coming in at 256mb of video memory on the high end. It’s time for it to go entirely, rebuild from scratch with utilization of modern hardware and maybe even some new features such as automatic LoD limiting so even if Stacy McBlendernoob puts out a lawn chair with the surface detail to rival a scale model of the entire English coastline, I don’t have to be affected by it and it would turn into a regular lawn chair.

    There is no drawing in new users, there will always be that trickle, but for right now it’s just not something people are interested in. The game needs some fundamental changes to keep its current users for any length of time and potentially bring back ones that left. 

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  20. Specifically:


    It weighs about 4.7 pounds, which is only a pound heavier than my tiny 13” thinkpad x220 with its battery. 
    8gb of ram is the downfall of these machines, but it is upgradable, just a shame they don’t ship with 16gb. It’s not really an issue if you run a single viewer, Windows 10, a viewer, few tabs of a web browser won’t have any issue with it. But if you run multiple viewers and have a huge inventory you might hit the swap file. That’s not the end of the world on an NVMe SSD since the swap file is relatively fast, but it’s not ideal. Crucial has pages on the ram, but any 2666mhz ddr4 sodimm kit will do in whatever capacity you want, one slot is empty so you can just add another 8gb stick, or it supports up to 64gb if you wanted 2x32gb sodimms for some reason.

    Specs wise it will handle anything you can throw at it, some stuff is gonna struggle in 4K, SL should be fine for the most part but some super detailed places you might have to drop down from ultra but even then I doubt it.

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