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  1. Hello I need help and don't know where to get it. I bought lindens last friday and they were not acreditted, camcelled the order, got the refund on Tilia account. Made a new purchase with that balance and i still don't get them. Where can i ask for help with this? I already filed a support ticket but got no answer so i decided then to camcel and make the seco d purchase that has not been processed yet
  2. Hello i got an eyeshadow applier from Pout for Akeruka. I have the Advanced 2.7 I cannot renové it. Tried with hud remove color, in tint i selected clear and reset but nothing works. Can ayone point me in a way to do it? I Would apprrciate your help. Thank you
  3. Hello! We are a new inworld magazine looking for an Ad Agent by comission. Please contact me inworld to set an interview. Experience on the field is a plus! Hola! Somos una nueva revista en busca de un agente comisionista publicitario bilingûe. Si tienes experiencia en el área es un plus! Contactame por IM para programar una entrevista. Gracias!
  4. Hi English is the main language of SL but the latin community has been growing and will keep doing it. If you need your content translated into Spanish to reach more residents, contact me in world we can talk about it, i would love to help! I'm a native spanish speaker.
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