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  1. Perfect. I will make the support ticket. The reviewers should have a copy of what I wrote and tell me exactly what the issue was with the review. Hopefully they will allow me to edit the review to remove any offending parts. Thanks!
  2. I just discovered that one of my product reviews was flagged and removed. I did not receive a notification this action was taken, or at least that I can tell. I reviewed two products from the same vendor. One item dealt with an LOD issue that the vendor could not provide assistance beyond, "use Firestorm." The flagged review was for an item where the MP listing shows a low LI value, but in fact uses much more LI when the item is actually being used. The vendor got rid of my first critical review by delisting the item that had the LOD issue and listed a new item. They contacted me
  3. The above "disclaimer" is the equivalent of saying, "I don't mean to sound racist but...<insert racist comment>" If you need to put a disclaimer like this on a post, then maybe it is best not to make the post in the first place. As a player of only 2 weeks, I found the older SL community to be hit or miss when it comes to actually providing useful information. Even when older SL players are sincerely trying to be helpful, they misjudge how overwhelming SL can be to us new players. Contrast SL with a game like Destiny 1 and 2 and it becomes obvious the differences in the two
  4. Found it! It was at 4096, as suggested. For some reason, I could not reach that height before. This time I just teleported up to that height and there it was. Thanks again for all the suggestions!
  5. Thanks for the tips. I looked around using the Advanced>Rendering Types and did not see anything above or below. I also tried different coordinate with no luck. At this point, I should just wait and hope it shows up in my Lost and Found. A bit sad there is not a way to see everything that I have I placed, along with their coordinates.
  6. So, I was building a skybox water scene on my land. I had the 4 panels of water perfectly setup, but needed to make an adjustment in their height. I went to adjust the first panel by typing in the coordinates I wanted for Z and "POOF," the panel disappeared. I assume I mis-typed a coordinate and the panel shot off to "who knows where." The other three water panels adjusted perfectly. Besides searching all over SL, is there a way I can just delete the misplaced object from existence? It only counts as 1 land use item, but I might need that 1 allowance in the future. Thanks!
  7. Thank you to all that replied! Your discussion on this topic is appreciated and helped enlighten me. Of note, for future help to other noobs like myself: Although the above reply helped me find exactly what I needed, my SL viewer did not look like the above screen shot until I turned on "Preferences>Advanced>Show Advanced Menu." Only then was I able to see Advanced>Show Debug Settings. Of note about the creator of the chair in question: her attitude went from, "Your viewer is messed up" to "I did not make that chair anyway" to "I am a creator and cannot help you with YOUR
  8. Hello. I bought over L$23K of items today, mainly from one vendor. Everything worked great, except for one chair, which appears as a triangle from just a few meters away, but pops into view if closer or sitting in the chair. All other items purchased from the same vendor work just fine and can be seen from across a room while they are next to the bugged chair. I contacted the store owner and she stated my “LOD” was set too low. Can anyone tell me where I can set the LOD in the Second Life default viewer? Thanks!
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