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  1. I was wondering too if there was a release. In my refresh frenzy hoping to catch Alumna's laggy houseboat there were actually 3 times I saw a house. Once even after a forced relog due to having reached the refresh limit. I never saw the houseboat though and guess it's gone by now.
  2. I really, really wish you were right! If so, doing the math, another 4-5 releases later the majority of SL residents trying to get a LL home would have one by then. But I doubt it according to my own experience and I think some people are just incredibly lucky. I am trying to get a houseboat since May. Monday 2 weeks ago was the first time ever I saw a house, and I never ever saw a houseboat. To me getting a Linden home is a matter of luck not of numbers. Also not everybody knows about or is actually reading the forums. Vaguely I knew of its existence but never went there until someone mentioned it in the Bellisseria groups as a source of info to get a home (and the Bellisseria groups I got to know of in another group chat). Since then I am one of the silent readers - until now. 😀
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