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  1. Happy end to a long 'story'. The last two days I was intensely debating with myself if I should stop trying to get a houseboat because the daily disappointment over such a long time was kind of getting to me. Somehow I couldn't get used to it or find a more distant and not so emotional inner perspective. Instead it felt as if my skin got kind of thinner every time I failed - if that makes any sense. I wasn't angry at anyone nor did I blame anyone. I know it was pure bad luck, nothing else. But somehow I knew I couldn't give up because it was tied into a lifelong RL dream of mine, that is living next to or on any kind of water. But this will never be possible. Because, well, you live where the job is that pays your bills. So I logged on today and monitored the regions that might be likely to release, saw Patch's blue dot, started the refresh frenzy and ... I got my houseboat! Geeze, I was shaking, crying real tears of joy and I am still not my usual self, feel like drugged in a way. lol I am so so so incredibly happy!!!😄 And I had some extra luck because it is on a square lot which I prefer but never thought I would get. When I raise my draw distance a bit I can even see the lighthouse in the distance! Pure bliss, I feel like being in paradise!😄 Congrats also to all who got a house or houseboat in Gangway!!!😄 Also I wanted to share a small piece of info of my refreshing experience that might help those who are still trying. What I noticed is, that the three times I actually did see a houseboat as an option to choose were always happening when I was inworld and did see the region release. I really paid attention to the region restart today and started manually refreshing the very second it came back up. I guess had I waited for an automatic refresh and an alarm I might have missed the release, but of course I can't tell for sure.
  2. I feel your frustration, believe me! I've been trying to get a houseboat since F-O-U-R months. Four months of refreshing and clicking the drop down menu. And I'm exhausted too of the daily roller coaster ride between hope and disappointment. BUT I am well aware that it is not at all that easy to build the regions!! It has been explained in detail several times by the moles why this is such a difficult and long process. I can't find the info right now, maybe someone else knows where to look for it and can link. In any case this has nothing to do with the usual sim building and you can't compare it!!
  3. It's such a nice region and I love the name of it. Congrats, and to all the others too who got a house or a houseboat this release! 😄
  4. Same here. Saw a houseboat during 5 refreshes but only got the sorry page. 😭 Feeling pretty disappointed right now, to put it mildly.
  5. Thank you, just got one! 😄 I didn't apply actively because I am not really a hopper and thought thus I don't quite fit in. If I ever manage to get a houseboat I will cling to it until the end of SL The only reason to let go of it again would be an assortment of the most horrible abusive neighbours ever.🤣 Wait a minute ... considering my bad luck ... 🤔 ... I might become a hopper sooner than I want to ... 😮
  6. I feel you, been there so many times. /Me sends you a virtual hug. You will get your house, and I will get my houseboat. One day. We don't give up, ok? 😄
  7. Just came home and logged in and I see Derrick Linden in San Alejandro
  8. But if it's the perfect house apart from that, wouldn't derender solve the problem?
  9. Congrats to you too!! 😄 It makes me smile big time in RL seeing quite a few happy people here and inworld in the Belli chat who got houses today. What a wonderful day ... me sings And the unlucky ones, our time will come too! 😃
  10. Derrick Linden is back on Edgar Ediot: Edgar restarted! Gooooooooo!
  11. unless excitement hits your brain and you suddenly can't remember your password. Or misspell ... 🤣
  12. OMG, Derrick Linden showed up inworld, get ready!! EDIT: he was on Edgar and is gone again
  13. I so know that! Happened to me when I saw the first Traditional 2 weeks ago. Just kept staring at it in total disbelief. 🤣 Luckily I don't want a house, but I keep my fingers crossed for you finding one! 😄
  14. It feels like seeing that famous light at the end of a tunnel. Inch by inch I'm getting closer ... 😄
  15. Ok, thanks for letting me know! 😃 I was kind of worried if I did the right thing.
  16. I SAW that houseboat in the options!!!!! OMG, after 4 months of trying I finally, finally saw a houseboat. Of course I did not get it, got the sorry page 2 times, but I still feel like drunk of joy. To me that is a huuuuge progress. Me dances ... 😄 😄 And I saw quite a few houses too, seem to be abandons though, no release. When getting the sorry page, what are you supposed to do? I clicked the link to go back to the options page, but can't remember if that is the right thing to do. Can't find the post with suggestions on what to do best once you get there.
  17. Thank you so much for encouraging me to keep going! You are so right and that's what I do since I got up today, hit the refresh button. About the 'feeling disheartened' part, I guess you meant it that way but I still feel the need to make it very clear that I am not disheartened by others getting what I don't even see on the screen. On the contrary, it really makes me happy when someone is lucky and full of joy. What disheartens me is that darn page that never ever shows a houseboat since May as if they don't exist. When I then know, like yesterday, someone released a houseboat and there is a region release with houseboats and they still don't show up for me, that sometimes really gets to me. But I'm also wondering since last night if it might be worse actually seeing one and not getting it. Who knows. In any case since two weeks it seems to be at least a bit easier to snatch a house. I suddenly see them appearing on my page, sometimes even during several refreshes. So I guess the way LL does the releases really seems to work.
  18. Yes, I know, I really should kick myself in the b... and keep going. And usually I do. Logging into my account and starting to refresh is the first thing I do in the morning and I keep doing it until I go to bed, minus the times I have to take care of RL things of course. No idea why I have never even seen a single houseboat though. But well, that's life, and tonight I call it a day after 3 hours of frantically trying to get Alumna's laggy houseboat. Tomorrow is another day. I guess hope never dies. I hope. 🤔
  19. Thank you so much, I really appreciate you trying to help me feel better! Your comment was like a much needed virtual hug. My brain knows you are so right and it actually keeps telling me the same. It's just after all these months of trying hard my disappointment and frustration grows and it is getting more and more difficult to remain positive and cheerful. But at least I don't blame anyone else but my bad luck and I am fully aware of the Lindens and the Moles doing their best to give a house or boat to everyone!! Also in my opinion this lottery is the best way to proceed and one day even me will have a boat.
  20. Congrats to your friend, I'm really happy for her/him! 😄 And once more bad luck for me. Have not even seen it or any other houseboat if there were any in this release. Geeze, sometimes I feel so incredibly disheartened, me goes to a quiet corner to cry a bit. Or a bucket.
  21. Don't keep him waiting, 😄 you're houseboat seems to be laggy through and through, even with its reappearance! 🤣
  22. yeah, getting into the rhytm ... refresh, refresh, refresh... relog ... refresh, refresh, resfresh ... relog ... 😄
  23. thanks for the update! Gives me hope! me goes back to that refresh button ...
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