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  1. I put out the heads up. As for me, the greatest perk was the Premium home. No privacy, no account. Canceling mine and renting out a parcel where I can REALLY keep trolls and intruders away and put ban lines.
    Those considering Premium beware. Your home may not be as secured as you thought it was

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  2. I've indeed rezzed a new one.

    And I beg to disagree, in private, rented areas I've been more successful at controlling and eliminating intruders. Sadly, I can't use one of those systems in Linden homes. I can't even uncheck the "anyone can visit" box. Security is more reliable elsewhere.

    Hopefully the "glitch" is brought up to someone's attention. Thank you and be well

  3. Have there been security system problems in premium homes reported? I installed the LH-Security System V2.3.1 months ago. It worked fine kicking intruders out until I came in this morning to find one inside the house.

    For punier reasons I would cancel my premium membership and move to a parcel with more privacy. Was there an update or has some glitch been reported? Thank you

  4. 18 minutes ago, Ardy Lay said:

    Sometimes I turn on Buy Pass on my mainland parcel to see what intruders will do.  They generally just leave.  One deposited the L$10 and continued milling about in the junk I had strewn about while sorting inventory.  I just ignored them since they stopped the obnoxious motorcycle noises.

    I am going to assume BrookeRanger would not find this amusing either, but it's not available to them on Linden Home land.  Hmm....  Yeah, that 15-second bomb thing is about all you get there.  It's enough for most, I suppose, but 15 seconds does feel like an awfully long time when somebody is being a jerk.

    I see two options.

    1. Right click on them and select Freeze.  Sometimes, if someone seems deserving I will freeze them over and over until they get frustrated and sublimate.
    2.  Right click on them and select Eject and Ban.  This tosses them off the parcel and prevents them from returning.  Only they will see the "ban lines", and they get to see "Cannot enter parcel, you have been banned.", in the English locale.  This explicit ban goes 'all the way up', so they won't be playing 'invisible trampoline' over your head like an implied ban allows.


    Thank you very much!
    Indeed I do not find trolls and trespassers amusing 

  5. I just had an audacious, unknown individual walk into my premium home. "Oh well, you didn't have your security on" she said.

    I set up my security list allowing some friends but it was obviously to no avail. The region is Rabelais.

    What is the setting to lock the house door? All I see is the avatars getting kicked out after 15 seconds, from the parcel. Can they be restrained from doing this to anyone at all? If so, how? Thank you

  6. I just bought a landmark giver script. But I cant figure out where the slur goes. Can anyone please help me?
    It reads like this:


            // Edit the text below to name your landmark.
            llSetText("Click for Landmark.", <1, 1, 1>, 0.4);
        touch_start(integer num_detected){ 
            llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_LANDMARK, 0));
            llInstantMessage(llGetOwner(), "LandMark giver at " + llGetRegionName() + " has just been used by " +  llKey2Name(llDetectedKey(0)) + "!");



    Where do I copy and paste the location coordinates? Thank you

  7. 4 hours ago, Madelaine McMasters said:

    I think you misunderstand what Maltego does...

    Maltego can be used to determine the relationships between the following entities:

    Email addresses.
    Groups of people (social networks).
    Web sites.
    Internet infrastructure such as:
    DNS names.
    IP addresses.
    Documents and files.

    Connections between these pieces of information are found using open source intelligence (OSINT) techniques by querying sources such as DNS records, whois records, search engines, social networks, various online APIs and extracting meta data

    I've highlighted in red those sources that Maltego uses. Notice that SL's internal databases are NOT in that list. While actual law enforcement personnel, with the appropriate warrant, likely can access LL's collective information store, that would happen with LL's cooperation, using their internal tools. Maltego would be of NO use in ferreting out SL alt accounts.

    Look, just trust me. It IS done. The software used is just not out in the MP or available to the average Joe. That is all I say. Be well and have a nice holiday!

  8. 4 hours ago, Alwin Alcott said:

    think you had a bit to much to drink and eat these days .. go sleep a while, you'r typing a phantasy story.

    And I think you dwell in your illiteracy. Disrespectful post yours is.
    Sorry that you just found out that there ARE ways to confirm alt accounts and Internet presence, and there IS software that does just that. But mainly available to law enforcement and certified ethical hackers, for which there is a certification. But again, you just found out

  9. There IS software to link accounts based on personal information and determine possible alters in Second Life and other social platforms, but available to law enforcement and ethical hackers. Some programs are available to anyone willing to pay the license. If paying $2000 dollars is worth to you, check out Paterva's "Maltego".

    In my personal experience, the griefers are alts of the same fruit cake. If vampires can (and do) have hundreds of alters to move up in hierarchy, you know there is no limit to how many alts a main account can have. Then something like Radegast allows them to pop at the same time, anywhere.

    There are no huds that powerful, available in the marketplace, because of security issues. But everyday law enforcement personnel signs on to report and catch pedophiles and other scum. I have seen griefing reports closing multiple accounts of the same individual within a few hours, because he is on the FBI list. So, they are around...

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  10. I select the walk button to walk, but can only run.

    Having a premium account, I put in a ticket (because the advertised, exclusive chat was nowhere to be found), have been days since and I have received no answer.

    I am on Firestorm, latest version, Windows 10.

    What is the problem? What can I do? This is very annoying. Thank you

  11. Look, we have changed environments and the head looks just as bad.

    I will have him read this thread, and maybe delete his folder, redeliver the head and we can go step by step. But it should at least resemble the vendor, no matter the light! 
    Thank you very much for your replies, we will keep at it.

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