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  1. 1 hour ago, Rowan Amore said:

    It's had millions of accounts created since it began.  That is all that particular stat means.  SL is almost 20 yrs.old. 

    I just get a kick out of anyone "stalking" other accounts when each user can create unlimited accounts and hide anywhere.

    And I see what you mean in terms of the number of users but rather than say that SL has millions of users perhaps it is clearer to state that SL has millions of accounts instead.

    But I don't work in their PR department anyhow...

  2. 1 hour ago, Alwin Alcott said:

    as long you keep throwing all names for accounts on one pile or nastiness you'll never take a explanation as quite some people tried.

    How about if you lead by example and not express yourself in reference to me in such derogatory way? I intended to create no pile of nastiness, even if my words did not fit your self proclaimed, correct terminology.

    Nasty can be nasty while intrusive, if it is an alt, a bot or a stalker anyway. The degree of insolence is not associated to the definitions you want players to use

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  3. 10 hours ago, Ardy Lay said:

    Tyche's bots are not zooming around the grid making lists of who is in each region to sell to stalkers.

    This is flabbergasting now. But I don't see the use since, to throw someone off, many use alters.

    It cracks me up when I read that SL claims to have millions of users. Some role players alone have hundreds and thousands of alters. Perhaps the number of individual memberships is closest to hundreds of thousands, with the rest being alters. My question is then, what does anyone gain with stalking on others? You can ban an account from a parcel and in they sneak back in an alter. Try to check on a partner and out they go partnering to someone else in an alt... What is the purpose of stalking on someone like that?


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  4. I get visits in my parcel regularly by accounts that arrive at the landing point, do not stay for a second and poof off. Some describe "scripted bot" in their profiles. Others have no information at all, but reviews have described them as bots. Most are accounts over 10 years old.

    What is up with that? What is their purpose? Can those accounts be reported or is it pointless?

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  5. WOW, imagine that! So many accusing me here of not wanting to pay, me being this or that, them wanting me to post how much I will pay in public, blah blah.
    In the entire day, not a single one has showed me a portfolio of couples photos in a romantic setting. Not one has experience in what I am looking for...

    But before I go any further... how much we are willing to pay?...   Oh, it is OK.... I understand!

    PS: If you qualify, IM me. I leave this post for now because it is not suiting my needs. Good luck to all

  6. 1 hour ago, Sid Nagy said:

    So basically you want top notch photo's for peanuts or less?
    Good luck with that


    Said who?
    Look, put up or shut it. A professional never discusses money without showing their work and proving their worth. Only an idiot offers a fortune before seeing the capabilities.

    If anyone qualifies for what I am looking for, IM me rather than blindly discuss pay in a forum, up front. If you aren't what I want, just skip the post. It is unbelievable how debatable and puny a simple request turned...

    Thank you and be well

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  7. 1 hour ago, Doc Carling said:

    Nice to read what you are looking for. Would be nice as well, if you tell interested photographers what you are willing to pay for "awesome" images. :)

    I pay what they are worth. Based on their portfolio and ability. Ridiculous to post that in a public forum!
    I am looking for quality first. Whoever is only looking for money first, can move on.

  8. 21 minutes ago, Skell Dagger said:

    Why did you re-quote my first post here from a month ago, when you had already quoted it and replied to it earlier today?

    Because I can.....  ? No rules against it, are there?


    21 minutes ago, Skell Dagger said:

    I repeat my previous post of a few minutes ago: Did you check for the chat setting that's shown in the image in my earlier post from today?

    I asked you to check if you'd enabled the 'show muted chat in nearby chat'. I'll paste the image again. Please check the top of your local chat/conversations window to see if this icon is highlighted. If it is, click it again to un-highlight it.


    The point is, my name is not removed from their spam. Sometimes I read blocked and muted avatars in local chat because of the occasion. 
    Bottomline, is there no way to stop this spammer but to keep that toggle button in local chat selected? If so then I will follow that. Thank you

    BTW, If I had a list where someone wants out, out of courtesy I would take the time to take them out. Like leaving a group. The option should be there

  9. On 1/15/2021 at 6:08 PM, Skell Dagger said:

    For any spam that's being sent through an inworld scripted object, blocking the owner of that object will stop it. Some serial culprits for that kind of thing have multiple scripted objects sending notecards and LMs out, so blocking the objects themselves might take a while, whereas blocking their owner will stop them all in one move. If you have offline IMs sent to email than you might be able to get their name that way; failing that you'll see an 'an object named X gave you Y' message if you're logged in when the spam arrives, so you know to block X. (You may need to click the object name link in the local chat/conversations window in order to find the owner name.)

    Additionally, I'd suggest redacting the name of the avatar sending these spam items out. 'Naming and shaming' is not permitted on the forum. You can edit your post (three dots in the top right of the post) for 24 hours after you created it.

    No. Blocking the owner does not work. Blocking the object either. If it did, I would not be posting about it here.
    I have blocked all several times. I have sent IMs, have sent notecards. Nothing works
    Please remove me from this annoying, spammy list

  10. No, not notecards at all. In my local chat I get all the spam. In bolded, brown colored letters.
    I have blocked the object, the sender and all to no avail. I have sent her notecards and IMs asking to be removed from the list. No luck.

    I really want to get this to stop

  11. I am not trying to shame anyone but their spam keeps coming. I have even sent notecards to these people asking to be taken off their list. The message today was sent by SEBiz something that has no option to block. The option to unblock shows up, actually, but the messages come through!
    This is truly annoying. I am not interested in their ads and truly regret subscribing the first time . Is there an option to unsubscribe or block and stop this annoyance anywhere?

  12. I put out the heads up. As for me, the greatest perk was the Premium home. No privacy, no account. Canceling mine and renting out a parcel where I can REALLY keep trolls and intruders away and put ban lines.
    Those considering Premium beware. Your home may not be as secured as you thought it was

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  13. I've indeed rezzed a new one.

    And I beg to disagree, in private, rented areas I've been more successful at controlling and eliminating intruders. Sadly, I can't use one of those systems in Linden homes. I can't even uncheck the "anyone can visit" box. Security is more reliable elsewhere.

    Hopefully the "glitch" is brought up to someone's attention. Thank you and be well

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