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  1. Oops, quoted wrong comment. Too excited about all the Lisp furniture!
  2. I may have been premature in posting this - took a look at my L$ balance and thought I might as well spend some of it on a paint shell. This is what the house looks like now. And I still have about 35LI left And having the sounds of water and birds in the background makes all the difference!
  3. Many thanks again - will do! [Edit] I've been playing around with the placement of the original sound controllers you mentioned - that hadn't occurred to me - and now I have the slightly muffled sound of waves in the distance and 2 sources of bird song that are louder, and it's great - thank you very much!
  4. Thank you, Eleanor! I couldn't find it in my inventory or notifications, but I've just gone to the MP to buy it and had a quick listen. I'd love to use the one with seagulls, but don't see any instructions for lowering the volume (my house is a bit away from the water, so ideally I'd like to hear my birdsong in the foreground with the waves and gulls in the background). Do you know if this is possible? If you haven't done this yourself, I'll contact the pack's creator.
  5. Thank you! At least pre-covid I was a cinema addict and went 2-3 times per week - these were some of the last films I got to see. I was planning on updating the posters every few weeks (IMDB makes that easy ). Maybe you or someone else reading this can help me with something - I've wandered around other parts of Bellisseria and heard lots of ambient sounds, but this house and the protected land around it is 'dead' - the only sounds I can hear are coming from the birdhouse I set up. My settings say that sounds *aren't* restricted to the parcel, so I should be hearing something - birds? - even
  6. My somewhat spartan (in comparison to others) Winchester is now fully decorated. Haven't been able to be in SL for, well, months, and I'm not sure how long I'll keep up a premium sub, but for now my house is open to anyone who wants to visit: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Walrus Beach/88/112/33
  7. Hi, Marianne- I've finally been able to 'finish' decorating my house, and it's now open to the public (it includes a photo gallery downstairs), so you can try out all the animations in the kitchen and the dining table: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Walrus Beach/88/112/33
  8. Have just sent out another batch of invitations to Belli Home Hoppers! Have a good weekend, all! (For anyone else interested in joining the group, please send me a private message so as not to distract from the actual topic of this thread - ta )
  9. Will send. For anyone else, please send me a *Private Message* - I apologize for not realizing/remembering this is possible! And even if you're *not* hopping, anyone reading this is welcome! I'll be away from my computer until 2PM SL time, but will get back to you then!
  10. Have just seen this, Sylvia. I started the group back during the summer (have written more about it elsewhere in response to Chloe), and made it by invitation rather than an open group because I wanted to limit it to people who were active here in this thread, and because I didn't want to replicate something like Bellisseria Citizens. The idea was to take acquaintances met here and form a network of people who might become friends, not to amass a large number of people for the sake of it.
  11. As long as you don't mean up-to-the-minute breaking news type stuff! Anyone in the group can send out a message to all. (When it was first set up, several used it to alert the others of houses they were about to abandon in the wee hours.)
  12. To avoid lots of distracting responses from me, please consider a 'like' reaction from me as an invitation sent. You can also send me a message when logged into SL - will check for them and respond ~2PM SL time.
  13. Hello, all! A friend has just alerted me to this bit of the conversation. Yes, I set up the Belli Home Hoppers group back in August (?). My intent was not for it to be a chat-oriented group like the very large and active Bellisseria Citizens, but an informal network of people who'd been active on this forum thread during the summer so that we could keep in touch and find some friends within SL. I'd sent invitations to 40+ people who were regular contributors to this thread, and 14 responded by joining. My plan was to encourage those of us in the group to hold a series of open houses, once we'd
  14. Quercus alba = the scientific name for White Oak; a heavily-wooded area?
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