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  1. Capitol Springs is on the same latitude as Edwina... Rabelais, Oldridge, Fangor... Axim. 5 or 6 regions to the east of Edwina.
  2. Yup. Going back to my screengrab of the map, 22 of them. I've just logged out as I need to get to the loo! (TMI ) And make dinner. Good luck, all! Something has to happen within the next half hour, surely!
  3. I've just been logged out again, was just south of Picard - Sebek restarting.
  4. Can see the dot on the large world map, but doesn't appear in the local map at all or on the list of nearby people, and I can't see him when I should be within spitting distance. And there are only 2 of us in the region.
  5. Invisible still south of Picard (actually closer to the border than before).
  6. Siros, Picard, Sebek and River Run still appear to be unclaimed by anyone. Invisible person in Sebek again.
  7. Region being logged out - maybe I was in River Run. GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
  8. I was below River Run and was just logged out with no noise or warning that I could see.
  9. Hesitation is your downfall if a release is in progress!
  10. As far as I can tell, a region is released at once, and then it's just arbitrary which one you get if you're quick enough.
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