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  1. Yes! For 1, 2, 3/4 avatars - everything rezzes when you sit and select an option. (I was intending to attach a different photo, and can't seem to delete these , but here's a link that should take you directly to the kitchen set up at the store: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dutchie furniture/207/127/23 )
  2. This is Dutchie's PG Corner Kitchen - 30 LI. Several different color options, all the 'bits' are linked, except for the clock, which is included. Used in the Winchester. Lots of animations. (The table and chairs and food are also from Dutchie.) I put together the tiled splashback myself.
  3. The rooflines shown in the video look uneven - thatched? Crofter's cottages? Log cabins? May be time to invest in some animated sheep and chickens...
  4. It's not entirely clear from the more recent comments on this thread if folks are aware of the update to the Traditional content pack (announced by Patch on 17 September) which now contains the floor textures! You need to grab it from your mailbox.
  5. Capitol Springs is on the same latitude as Edwina... Rabelais, Oldridge, Fangor... Axim. 5 or 6 regions to the east of Edwina.
  6. Yup. Going back to my screengrab of the map, 22 of them. I've just logged out as I need to get to the loo! (TMI ) And make dinner. Good luck, all! Something has to happen within the next half hour, surely!
  7. Invisible person gone from Sebek when I logged back in.
  8. I've just been logged out again, was just south of Picard - Sebek restarting.
  9. Can see the dot on the large world map, but doesn't appear in the local map at all or on the list of nearby people, and I can't see him when I should be within spitting distance. And there are only 2 of us in the region.
  10. Invisible still south of Picard (actually closer to the border than before).
  11. Siros, Picard, Sebek and River Run still appear to be unclaimed by anyone. Invisible person in Sebek again.
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