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  1. Just swing your camera around until you can see the mailbox. I’ve been stuck inside the staircase of some Victorians when first TPing into them, and I can only move by using this method to rez a Doyle, then run to the front or back yard before the new house rezzes. Once you’re outside and have re-rezzed the house, try what Sylvia says.
  2. That was my alt’s (I left it as a pink Doyle) - a lovely spot that I only abandoned as the partly sandy plot didn’t suit the plants I have in my inventory. (I took some photos to post here but got distracted by the impeachment hearings.) So glad it went to someone who appreciates it!
  3. I had previously noticed the magenta squares, which are plentiful; this was the first time I've seen different-colored dots. Thanks. (Responding to Eowyn; forgot to quote!)
  4. Does anyone know what/who *pink* dots on the map represent?
  5. Ah, I've been away from this page for a while... (Still trying to decide if I'll abandon my Walrus Beach place, or upgrade my alt again.)
  6. Patch showed up in Chat about 5 minutes ago. So, for those looking, release within the next hour?
  7. Do keep checking this week if you can - the large release of Victorian regions can happen any time between now and Christmas! But, as others have said, if you're not online at the time the frenzy happens, there will be abandoned houses you should be able to pick up fairly easily later that day/evening. And just because someone else has abandoned it doesn't mean you won't like it yourself! Most regions contain 16-20 parcels. The part of Bellisseria that we're all referring to as being 'Victorian' will contain (by my estimate) between 2500-2600 homes, with a substantial number of them released in a single day. In terms of finding our what's happening regarding that release, follow this thread (see attached), and if you see a flurry of incoming comments, no need to read them all, just go to the Land Page if you can and start clicking and refreshing. Good luck!
  8. No way to know for sure during LL working hours on weekdays, unless you accept and manage to grab it. Anything you see 'after hours' will be an abandoned property. And keep in mind that if you want to abandon a house you've grabbed, you must be in-world on the parcel to do that before you can attempt to grab another house.
  9. Except that the Moles are, technically, mistaken: Jane Austen wrote and died before the Victorian era began. (And a couple of Knightley's feature in her book, Emma.) There's at least one character of Sir Walter Scott's (Ivanhoe) and one from Dickens (Dombey).
  10. Here are screengrabs of the map with the new region names. (I posted these in another topic thread but thought it worth re-posting them here.)
  11. Can't tell from your map if these new regions were actually named at the time you took your screengrab, but they are now, and having checked 4 random ones, they're also showing up in Search. (Earnshaw next to Linton next to Lockwood - At least one mole is a fan of Victorian Lit... though, technically, the Austen references in the parcels above those aren't Victorian.)
  12. Inside the Hardy - the walls have *texture*, and notice the wear around the window frames and the baseboard. (I think I'll be abandoning my lovely Walrus Beach home for one of these!)
  13. Very laggy (no surprise), but I got inside the Doyle (bungalow) showhome - very nice detailing on the doors and each room has different color walls.
  14. That was my alt's parcel - I'd only gone premium on that account for a month to grab the content packs for HBs and campers, and to see what the campers were like. It's a truly lovely location which I returned a couple of weeks ago when the account was about to go back to Basic. It changed hands twice in 24 hours. I think it's definitely a keeper for anyone who wants a camper near water; it looks good with lots of wild grasses and wildflowers! (The grasses and bushes to the right were my additions; there's a Mole-built bush with lilac flowers and butterflies on the other side by the rocky outcrop.)
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