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  1. On 2/18/2020 at 8:23 PM, Beth Macbain said:

    I set out this evening to go for a ride around my land. Maybe I'm just extraordinarily lucky, but I came across some stunningly beautiful places. There were also some eyesores, yes, but I found that the nice places far outweighed those. Admittedly, I've not ventured off the Atoll to explore any other continents and maybe those are all sh*tholes, but the areas surrounding me are, for the most part, just fabulous. 



    Sometimes I think we're so used to looking for the bad that we forget to see the good. 

    OMG i am there now,i came across this place from someone else landmark near by and i really like the details in this cafe,for just a 1024 land its very well done

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  2. Hi everyone,i am so new to purchasing land and wonder if its worth it...If i bought a Homestead from someone that would mean that i pay the asking price but then would have to pay LL monthly? and also since i would purchase from someone does that mean i need to own a full sim first? what would be more worth it a full sim at 20000 LI or a homestead at 5000? This whole thing is so confusing to me,i am hoping to eventually purchase a sim for when i decide to ever open an inworld store in the future and thought since its a big sim i could also put my house along with a few others on that sim so i could save on the extra fees of extra tiers or renting...any suggestions or advise would be appreciated being so new and lost with all of this,i know many have probably asked similar questions but i haven't went through all the posts to see what everyones take on it was...Thank you in advance :)

  3. 47 minutes ago, Milk Pixelmaid said:

    It’s not very hard, you might have to run auto-refresh for keyword Victorian until you land one. As many people are abandoning second homes, you’ll get something. 

    Thank You,its funny how we use to keep getting the old ones and Bellisseria was not very often and my heart would drop every time it came up and now it's all i get but mostly boats and campers with the odd trad...now its to keep an eye on the photos...very challenging now but knowing someone got one this morning makes it better to know that its possible just might have to try for a while....


    also trads would go so fast that alot of the time we'd miss out for not being quick enough and now they sit for many refreshes and much easier to get...

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  4. 30 minutes ago, Elyeah said:

    Grabbed a traditional in Permaglow with my alt. Not sure if I will keep it, but Permaglow is lovely. Lots of trees. Mines the one dead centre in the photo.




    52 minutes ago, Nika Talaj said:

    There were an incredible number of errors, but my guy alt managed to get one in Permaglow, after multiple relogs.  

    It is near to the falls ... not the house next to them, but just across the water ... and, you know .... hmmm.

    There's something a little disconcerting about this property. 

    I'll have to get back to you.



    where did you get i can't tell from the photos?

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  5. 16 minutes ago, roseelvira said:

    I wish he had joined sooner. He watched and read  and sl was a great source of joy for him the past months druing chemo infusions  and now that the neuropathy is  almost gone ( that is a side effect of the chemo . )

    awwwww,its a great way to keep your mind off of things and enjoy a bit here...hope he is doing much better :) 


    Nice to see you both on here,my real hubby is on here with me as well and i love it :)

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  6. 15 minutes ago, roseelvira said:

    Thought I wanted a spot in howling pines  BUT  caught a camper in the release and nice spot more mountains  .My real life hubby who joined  here is the funny part  caught the camper right next to mine !!! He said  hey  now no excuses that you cannot tp into my region so woman ,clean my camper ,,, lolol  .

    awwww love that you both got a spot next to eachother...that's great

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  7. That could very well be true,although i have seen other regions being released while others were in the region at the time but something is definitely up with Permaglow not to have been released...i am not sure if its because behind a home near the water there is still a white box there and i would think that it would have to be removed before they release it so maybe they are having issues with that region but not sure...also the other thing that i feel shouldn't be a thing is the limit of abandons a day because no matter when we let go of the area we dont want it still ends up with someone else having it,plus if there was no limit then maybe more ppl would find their forever home quicker,yes its not great that we might take a home and then abandon but then again i see it as real life house shopping,we may fall in love with the first or might take 10,20,30 tries but location is important for everyone so we might keep trying till we find something that feel great for us...plus it's not like we get to see the area we are getting before we get it so we try it in hopes it will be something we like because we can never tell sometimes an abandon home can be a GEM to some of us...

  8. 6 minutes ago, Raspberry Crystal said:

    I tried this out on the Old continent. They count 24 hours from each plot take up. So if you got a plot at, 1:00am, say, and then picked and abandoned four more at 5:00am, you could try again for one more the next day at 1:00am, and have four more goes at 5:00am.

    oh ok thank you so i will wait i don't want to take up any tries in case Permaglow was to be all of the sudden released then after that if not i could try a couple and see...I don't think anything will beat Permaglow but its always worth a shot to look,there has been quite a few abandons this morning....

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