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  1. Cheap parcels to rent in our friendly, moderate microcommunity on Route 12. Relax in your own little patch in SL - no premium account reqired. Ride the Route 12 car pod and explore the area, or hop on the passing horse and cart. And when you've finished exploring come over to the club for a dance. Parcels range from 49 - 87 prims and each contain a 1 room microhome. Each parcel is available for rent for $50 lindens per week. We have 14 plots to choose from, so come on down and have a look around. When you have selected your rental you will be added to the Route 12 group so you can start moving in Or message to give us a nudge (GMT) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tryggvason/137/23/56
  2. Whilst exploring SL and seeing all the abandonned land, I don't understand why land is just not put on the market by Linden Labs as soon as it is abandonned by the owner? Does anyone know the reason? Thanks
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