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  1. Lol. Maybe I should've specified. This is my SL man's RL birthday. No RL face time is happening anytime soon. SL dinner could be a cute idea. Searches for Happy Meals in the marketplace. Lol
  2. I love the hide and seek treasure hunt!... Hmm, I'll have to think on that more. Something like that could be really fun!
  3. My new man has a RL birthday coming up. I'd like to do something special for him (though it'll probably fall after his actual birthday... because RL family/friends and all). What's some fun, perhaps out of the ordinary, birthday ideas? We go dancing a lot, so that's not too different perhaps. And we don't have a big group of friends, so no parties. Any ideas??? TIA!
  4. Thank you so much for all the info! I did it!
  5. I have a small amount in USD in my account. Can I add more USD so I can just make 1 big Linden purchase? If so, how?
  6. Are there any Italian speaking classes or groups I could attend?
  7. Maybe the sole purpose is to do charitable work in SL? Perhaps standing in Maitreya, gifting everyone with new bodies. If I'm right, please place me at the top of your Charity Case list.
  8. I'm never suggesting lying so much as avoiding the RL chats entirely. Lying by omission perhaps.
  9. Exactly. If I had to guess, this guy is younger than me. I'd be turned off slightly if it was a huge age difference. Yet another reason to continue the mystery.
  10. I've always thought having compatible expectations is key in any relationship. Thanks you for the pep talk.....seriously.
  11. Thank you for your awesome insight. I guess I've always been very open about my RL info. (It was never frowned about in my circles. and I've been around ~10 yrs. If anything, I feel my first group of friends and I were so diverse, internationally, that we chatted on voice constantly, talking about RL.) It feels somewhat disconnected to be anything but... but I'm trying to be open to a new frame of mind since my new guy seems private and I respect that. Yup @RaeLeeH , I thought exactly that to myself. He could be a 50 year old woman.... Can I accept that? Yes, if I never know!
  12. Thanks Alyona. I guess his could be the same reason. I'm not looking for a RL relationship and really enjoy this person. I haven't had a good partner in crime in a long while. I suppose I simply operate with my heart on my sleeve without much mystery. Maybe it's time to try something different.
  13. Does anyone prefer to keep things strictly SL in relationships? I'm seeing someone who shares no RL info. I don't know their U.S. state, age, RL marital status, etc. I know strictly SL info. Occasional talk about RL hobbies/sports or time commitments, but that's it. They could be hiding something, but I've also never asked him, perhaps enjoying the mystery. I'm sort of on the fence about this. Is this sustainable?
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