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  1. Yeah, I came back to say it actually runs pretty decent on this. I shut down a few dozen more windows services that I was a bit iffy about doing the last time I cleaned em out. My CPU is running about 20% lower now (still get some heavy spikes), and everything renders at triple the speed. It's definitely well above playable now if I don't rush around. I just need to figure out what the hell I'm doing now. So far I've picked up a wine glass from a bar and walked around little art galleries trying to look fancy.
  2. Damn, if that's the case they should really update the requirements. Thanks anyways. And that site you linked me to seems really cool, I didn't know there was stuff like that. I'll probably consider it at some point if I get a better income.
  3. So that ^^^. I'm on a junky laptop, but it should be able to handle the game alright. It's got a Turion X2 2.0 GHz dual core, a GeForce 8200m, and 3 gigs of RAM, way above the minimum requirements. I'm on Vista. I was wondering if anyone knows anything I might be able to do to make it run properly. Right now with everything set to the lowest I'm getting a very stuttery like 10FPS.
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