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  1. Thanks Rolig & Alwin for you support, i will do that! 🌸
  2. ~🌺Thank you very much for your answers. He is not connecting because he does not have a computer at the moment he does everything from his cell phone ... I have blocked everything, but my friends know who he is and can read what this man posts. Is he breaking the rules of SL? Please tell me how to report it.
  3. I just want to know how to stop a person from harassing me..he can't log to SL but he is posting from website to his account, i talked to him, but he keeps threatening me to post my RL there. i don't know how to stop him from this, i really need help. I changed my avatars many times but he always finds out its me. I don' t know what to do and i am sick and tired of this crazy guy!
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