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  1. And ill be right behind you 😄
  2. well what ever happens happens, I do believe that a waiting list is a better way to go then how they do it now. I compare it with the waiting line on the phone when you call a company and they have some annoying music playing while you endlessly wait for some one to actually answer, or the same company with that same music but now every 20 seconds a computer voice tells you how many ahead of you. I tend to stay on the line when I know how many are ahead of me, ill hang up if I only get the music.
  3. Yes I know they aren't actually disabled, but limiting to such extent to me is the same as disabling. I didn't know Id end up having a fact checker on my butt. 😉 Thank you 🙂 maybe in 10 more years in sl ill be a level higher then newbie. ill pop by from time to time to say hello 🙂
  4. o well, this is just my opinion, nothing more nothing less. as you can see im not big on the forum thing. I just make photo poses, landscape, sail boats fly helicopters and that's it.
  5. I much rather be at the bottom of the list knowing where I am and how many ahead of me then not knowing at all, like now, and having to sit in front of the computer and refresh the browser as some actually seem to do after LL disabled the "auto refreshers".
  6. Few minutes on the forum, way longer in actual SL. As said just my humble opinion plus, once they are done landscaping a region all you have to do is drag and drop your house, some minor adjustments and that's it.
  7. My humble opinion: Maybe LL should create an order form on which residents can fill out what type of home they want, either a land based home or a boat house. And maybe they could add a waiting time list so we can see where we are in line (or does this put to much pressure on LL!). But at least this way LL knows how many homes they need to build in stead of this random build how many ever and see how quick they run out. again just my humble opinion, this should just be a simple drag and drop kinda thing for LL.
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