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  1. Hi! Thanks for this thread, it has helped me a lot hence the reason I am writing here. I got my Traditional home this morning at about 10.30 slt at Coldwater Cay. I know it had been released by someone else because when I went to the control panel next to the entrance door I had to delete names from the Access list. I abandoned my old linden home yesterday, was all afternoon and evening refreshing manually and only saw once a house boat which I didn't have the chance to catch in time. I did a lot of running around and saw that there were many houses and house boats empty and not released. I guess when this happens there Will be a massive house reléase and hopefully everybody Will be able to get their dream house. I also saw many under contruction. I wish good luck to those seeking their new home.
  2. Hi again! I just found out!:) Once in the house I clicked on the house icon and it gave me the instructions. Silly me lol
  3. Hi! Today I got my new Linden home at Coldwater Cay and I can't add my Friends in the list because the Add button in Access is in ghost but the Add button for banning is ok. Can someone help me? Thanks.
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