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  1. If given the option in any game I also opt for WASD. For me it feels more natural.
  2. Most sims don't lag for me, and if they do I turn down my settings and things run considerably better. I don't even have an elite gaming pc. It's very basic entry level. But yeah, I'd say for me SL is less laggy these days because even if my gaming pc is entry level it's still better than ones I've the in the past, and I think creators are more aware of what makes sims and avatars lag like crazy these days and try to be mindful. Remember that blingy jewelry fad? I think everyone suffered at least one casualty from those and sims would grid to a halt if more than one person showed up with them.
  3. I don't think it is weird. Better you give them away than them going *poof* If I ever decided to leave for good I'd probably do the same. But that would require me actually have lindens so many not. 🤣 I hope the real world treats you well!
  4. Is anyone else having any listing issues. Firstly some items are simply not "taking". They keep uploading with no name and when I try to add their name it doesn't stick. Then I keep getting this email: We were unable to deliver one or more of your listings. As a result, those listings have been unlisted. Over and over again for the same item, an item that I've unlisted hours ago due the the name issue. Then, lastly...I can only unlist. I cannot delete them. Not even from within Firestorm. Is anyone else having similar or the same weird problems?
  5. That we connect and it's forced. That we both can make each other laugh. Those who laugh together stay together! That we don't seek to change the other. Encourage each other to improve, sure but do not go into a relationship wanting to change or "fix" the other person. And most importantly: BE HONEST! Come to think of it all these things count for real too.
  6. I hadn't heard of that kink (is it considered a kink?) until today. The world is a wondrous, and often strange place.
  7. I hate it when someone mentions that game because then I become compelled to play it again for another 60 hours.
  8. Findom... Fin domination? Fin... Fish fins?... Fish dominating? No, I really had to look up that term. I am surprised. It takes all types I guess!
  9. I haven't dated on SL for ages but oddly enough this happened to me. Since the romance was strictly Second Life with no intention to go real world I was fine with it in concept. He...or rather she knew I was only interested in men but in Second Life she was a man, so problem solved! The only annoyance I got from the situation was that for about 5 months ahead of "the bomb" she spoke as if she were a real life man. Again, not that it mattered because it was only an in-world thing, but the intentional lie and her keeping up with the charade irked me the more I thought about it. I would have preferred either her being honest right off the bat or mentioning it way earlier instead of me finding out on my own. I tried to look at it from her point of view, and I guess I understood it to some degree, but I still didn't like being deceived. In the end that lie turned into other lies and we decided to split on ok terms.
  10. I'd go play another game and hopefully still keep in touch with those on SL who I grew close enough to give my outside contact information to. There'd be no need to be sad over it. Just keep moving.
  11. If you need help hit me up in world. I'll try to make the learning process easy. I've been playing Second Life for 11 years over the course of 4 different accounts and have tried various avatars of different species. SL has a huge learning curve, and though you never stop learning anything on Second Life, once you get a hang of the basic mechanics of things it becomes easier to guess your way around problems you don't know.
  12. Being forgotten. Which unless I do something incredible, like make an insane and ground breaking innovation (not likely) I probably will be. We all will. It's scary, more so than dying to know one day you'll just be another member of the countless number of "people who lived before". Even if you leave a family behind, eventually that family will grow and change and you'll be but a stepping stone in the family's timeline. It's overwhelming and terrifying how small we are.
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