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  1. Im not a huge fan of RP, but more into conversation or chatter. Long story short, Im just wondering if there are any folks out there that does not RP and just likes to chat. I apologize if Im wording this incorrectly, Im being straight forward as possible. o:
  2. Well I checked the dashboard and there was no notification about it. But my history in my account it shows up. I checked her marketplace and its not there. Its Maitreya and it seems like she hasent been active.
  3. Yeaaaaa I just bought a Item and It did not show up in received nor Inventory.... Am I missing something here? I tried clearing Cache and Lost and found.
  4. Every year I think " Hmm Im going to try and play SL" I get hit with the realization that even after years of trying to learn it.....ive gotten no where lol Ive tried changing meshes, skins, taking off skins, replacing legs etcs. BUT just when you think you got somewhere, your body dont match ya legs. Or hair the is the wrong head for the mesh, and the mesh has certain skins it can wear....... Idk yall Im about over it lol
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