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  1. I have been receiving all of SL emails and now I’ve uploaded the Second Life mobile grid. The Fashion show is complete and we’re are working on the “Slipnfalls viewer” Project Slipnfalls viewer. Please respect our privacy as we are very involve with the Second Life Virtual World on almost every SL platform.
  2. I've downloaded many of the Second Life mobile apps on to my phone. Its really has an amazing welcoming SL welcoming mat to it. We're working on our own Second Life viewer. Trying out what its already out there.
  3. Under "open source and raising aware" inspiring outsider to build and develop for the Second Life is our platform. Project "Slipnfalls viewer" http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Media_Rendering_Plugin_System_FAQ?fbclid=IwAR3VAKCc5hY3pRe8K7aMwhuh7E3ur_c8Q4SG8Bn73BDkyiEjzMNfFhG0tD4 The SL store app.
  4. As soon as my boss has all the legal documents ready to go we can than begin on "project Slipn'nfalls viewer". Our Fashion Jewelry trade mark is complete. Need to put the fashion show together http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Get_source_and_compile Its coming from inside the Second Life
  5. The answer to your question, tari landar is the auto spell check believe "Slipnfalls" was not spelled correctly. Slipnfalls is a trademark not part of a sentence. Visit their website. I'm sure the Second Life Wouldn't mind. Slipnfalls https://www.linkedin.com/company/slip-and-falls-inc
  6. Wear it like you own it. "Waiting on our legal team to finalize our Trademark for both this life and the Second one and than we can move forward. Take your employment serious with us. Your work could be "submitted for our Corporate trademark protection department." All the post about the new fashion show come down to those two images. Including. project "Slipnfalls viewers" Visit "avatar cafekan" on her face book page
  7. Its looks like everything is very exciting on our end. The trademark process going well. No only for the fashion show but also, you guess it. Many of you may have; Slipnfalls Viewer/ Project Slipnfalls Viewer is on the list. On the surface it very easy to put together from all ready scripted viewer not so much for a new one. Visit; Avatar Cafekan on Facebook
  8. Scroll up to one of Alyona Su post. She does a great job answering the above question. I don't know what the different is between firestorm and Citznip is. What I do know is my user name password did not work. Not sure if Catznip has to have its own or what. Like I've posted before, I had to download Firestorm only to because of RLV having to do so. From there I came across, Catznip. I didn't see a payment option to help pay and support their program. I did enjoy seeing that. Our privatize group is in the process of trying to building a , privatize Second Life viewer. Free is not an option. Seeing all the new many viewers is making easier to understand how too build one.
  9. I had to download firestorm because RVL only works with Firestorm. RVL led me to Catzip viewer
  10. I had to install RVL and it ask me to install Firestorm. Along with many other add-on.
  11. I have three building that say, Place logo or drop logo picture here. Having problem or issues with all of them. Need help with that. Visit me at my face book social media page to see more details @ Avatar Cafekan
  12. replying to: animats For that reason I believe having my own Second Life viewer that I build from the Viewer guide will be so much better. Having an updated may also bring back a lot of residents. I don't believe it should be a free upload because the service to maintain it and updated software cost money. The next generation of Second Life viewer should cost money.
  13. The same person will be ask to work on more music streaming for the big fashion show. our team is waiting on the Real World or OutterWorld to place the final stamp we will launch our fashion show. in 3.2.1
  14. https://modemworld.me/2014/03/05/sl-go-second-life-on-a-tablet-on-the-move-and-more/ I hope to make the SL GO; tablet a better one. A house hold anyone can make it using the the above link. The biggest challenge may be using up to date technology that has no SL viewer to follow along with.
  15. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Visual_Studio_2013_Viewer_Builds#Windows The issue isn't a house tablet not being able to log in to the Second Life Viewer. The problem is that the entire console or tablet needs to be dedicated to the Second Life Viewer and it wont allow it until the tablet as been reconfigure. I'm not a game designer. I'm simply following the outline with better equipment and technology.
  16. Our team will be joining the race for the Second Life Virtual World Viewer design. Its like everything else in the Second Life. The you want your life to be better the more you have to invest into it.
  17. this is a small sample of our goal. Our meaning, Avatar Cafekan and her real world boss. After everything is complete and finalize. We hope to launch the new fashion show or ours right in here in the Second Life as promised, posted, and shared. And if course, will be hiring for small project. Please be respectful This is a Real World Trademark. Which will be marketed in the Second Life with Corporate office and more. All We need is for this one Fashion Trademark to go smoothly. Be proud of our community. And be respectful of our identity. We are working for closely with the Second Life to enhance to the experience.
  18. Waiting on our legal team to finalize our Trademark for both this life and the Second one and than we can move forward. Take your employment serious with us. Your work could be submitted for our Corporate trademark protection department.
  19. Someone was hired and they did a really great job on a song I needed however it sounded more like bite size samples, perfect for "avatar female voice gesturing. I need it for a concert show. This whole project is moving a long. Lana Del Rey; Love
  20. I need my own land or spot. Mainland is okay too. The only concern is internet speed and logging to viewers.
  21. I'm married or at least engage. I'll be having my SL wedding before my real one. This is our Real Life together. I enjoy meeting new people. I spend a lot of my money at the Second Life market so I ended up not seeing to many people. I enjoy grouping. I want to help make Second Life be the best it can be for us. I'm always always looking to find and see the next Second Life answer.
  22. One big huge problem that I'm having is converting a music video to a Second Life Rezz performance. Maybe someone can be gifted a $L payment for doing so. Would like to have Lana del rey perform "Love" or coffee song for my coffee shop. anyone would like to post a Bid or it and a sample of the work.
  23. Not sure if this will help but I've trying to login to the Second Life without the viewer, if possible. Like everything else, I'm sure our government can; I'm sure our Second Life governor can
  24. We post and blog so much about purchasing land and more with real $USD and take it seriously on some level because it is real USD after all what why can we post, blog, and share about investing in our own LInden Government as in investor. We all want our Second Life voice to be heard, our lifestyle to improve. better employment, lower fees and more. I will not post the link here but look it up for yourself. Its all politics. If you want your voice to be heard than be more than a resident. Be an active. I am Avatar Cafekan. From the moment I became Second Life Resident I decided to sign up for everything. I wanted to start my own business. I decided to share my new discovery with Slip and Falls Inc. They decided to sign up for the Second Life affiliation reward program and from their, just take a look at their official website. All in thanks to the Second Life and The Second Life Affiliation program. I want the same success for all the residents. Which is why, "please respect my privacy because I am very involve with the Second Life to enrich all our lives.
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